The Pied Pupper

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As a metaphor, the pied piper name is used to describe a charismatic individual who attracts followers.  This image is one of the pied puppers we have within hart.  He has been dubbed so because it is hard to find him without a string of rescue puppies and dogs following behind him. 

Have you ever noticed that certain people calm and attract dogs?   Often assigned to a vibe that they give off, these are people who can pet dogs that usually do not let strange people near.  That vibe is likely a combination of mannerisms and frame of mind.  Your tone of voice, speed of movement and self confidence around dogs is tangible and often frames your interaction.  I know of one individual who loves dogs, but talks very loud, carries on in a blustery fashion and has a childhood fear of dog bites.  While he interacts with most dogs, they tend to recoil, even if highly socialized. 

Experts often say that dogs respond to our feelings.  When we are calm, confident and have positive intentions dogs have a way of sensing that. This is a definite bonus in a rescue situation.  Not all dogs at the time of rescue are calm, but certainly having rescuers who exhibit leadership, confidence, kindness and respect make all the difference to the dogs.  The Pied Pupper is surely not alone!   

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