A Magoo Renew

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When we get a call pertaining to a rescue dog, we really don't know what is coming. 

Sometimes we get a call for a little dog and it turns out to be a giant breed cross.  Sometimes we get a call for one dog and that turns into multiple dogs.  Sometimes we get a call for an injury and it is not as bad as we imagine.  And sometimes it is worse than we can believe. 

When one of our Field Volunteer's  reported that a little shepherd pup was being bullied by other dogs in our rescue community, we knew we wanted to bring this little guy in.  As quickly as we could find a foster home for him, we brought Magoo in.  Well, Mr. Magoo turned out to be Miss Magoo.  And then we noticed that Miss Magoo's stomach was quite big.  As is the case in dog rescue, time is of the essence, so I rearranged my day to get Magoo in to the vet for an x-ray. 

Luckily the x-ray showed no pups.  Unfortunately, her belly was distended because it was full of garbage.  Literally, she had eaten whatever she could including electrical wire.  What also stood out on her x-ray was the pellet from a bebe gun that is lodged in her hip.  A pellet cannot just jump into the hip of a moving dog.  This means that someone shot Magoo at some point in her life. 

This golden, timid little dog not only was being bullied by the dogs, but obviously mistreated by at least one human in her past. 

Miss Magoo is not able to tell me in words about her history, but she has told me volumes in her movements.  On the night she arrived, she was fearful.  On day one, she was timid.  On day three, she started to interact with me.  On day four, she wagged her tail with vigor each time she saw me.  By day seven, she was doing a happy dance and making happy noises.  Slowly, she was learning that she was safe. 

While I am the care giver to a long term foster dog with special behavior and medical needs, it has been a while since I have been the primary individual reaching out to a dog that was partially shut down upon arrival.    Working with Magoogoo, as she became known, entering into my interactions with patience and celebrating milestones like looking at me, eating out of my hand, letting me pet her has been a timely refresher. 

My primary role in the rescue realm has become more about directing the people that make it happen and solving issues and problems that have escalated, so it was nice to be at the paw level again.  I felt connected with the canines again. 

I won't lie, moving her to her regular foster home was tough, but I am so happy that I got to be the human who restored Magoo's trust and repaired her soul upon rescue.    


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