Adopt A Less Adoptable Dog


Can you believe that routinely, big black dogs wait longer to be adopted than big brown dogs? 

Fur color.  Ageism.  Breed prejudice.

These are the main factors that make a dog seem "less adoptable" and contribute to longer wait times for certain dogs in finding their furever homes.  Shelters have been able to track that "less adoptable" dogs wait almost four times as long as the average adoptable dog does. 

In terms of which pets are hardest to find homes for, survey results found:

24% senior or older pets

16% pets with behavioral needs

14% victims of breed prejudice

13% shy or fearful pets

12% pets with medical needs

The blind dog, the older dog, the black dog or the shy dog - these are the dogs that are so often overlooked.  Preconceived notions about certain breeds or special needs dogs often land a dog on this hard to adopt list.  However, we and all of our supporters know that all dogs are wonderful dogs.  Yes, you may meet some unique challenges with a special needs dog, but the reward far surpasses any challenge. 

All adoptable dogs need love and a family to call their own. 

If you are wondering how you can get involved in helping less adoptable dogs?  Consider volunteering to promote these canines.  Consider fostering to give these dogs a comfortable environment while they find their furever homes.  Consider adopting one of the "less adoptables". 

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