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Adoption Rates for Rescue Dogs


"My husband and I looked at a dog in care with a local rescue organization recently.  She was a cute dog that will need some socialization but was very sweet.  I would have taken her home but the adoption fee was so high, $385.  That's ridiculous.  I can get a free dog by looking at an advertisement."

With comments being uttered like this, we thought we should spend some time exploring why we have an adoption fee and where our total comes from.  And how it compares to freebie dogs. 


Free dog

hart dog

Adoption Fee



1 round vaccine and dewormer












(Please note that costs may vary depending on veterinary clinic.)

You know the saying that there are no free lunches?  Well, there are no free dogs either.   Dogs are the best companions out there, and the investment in their health and well-being that cannot be ignored. 

Included in hart's adoption fee are vaccinations up to the point of adoption (DACPP, Bordatella and Rabies), dewormer, spay/neuter and microchip.  When you adopt from hart, this has already been taken care of.  What you get to spend your money on is the fun stuff like toys, treats, a dazzling collar and a swanky dog bed, because we have covered the basics. 

We really hate the concept of free dogs, because to us every dog has a value and every dog comes with expenses.  But to us, unconditional love and companionship is priceless. 

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