Baby It's Cold Outside


We all know that winter can get pretty cold around these parts and winter can be pretty long.

Since lots of dogs, not to mention their humans, are not comfortable outdoors in our winter temperatures.  Dogs need exercise to stay fit both mentally and physically, so what can you do to burn off that cabin fever when you don't want to brave the cold?

How about a game of hide and seek?  Get your pooch to "stay" in a room downstairs and you go upstairs and hide (closet, bathtub) and then call your dog.  Your dog needs to stay focused and use his/her nose to find you.  When your dog does find you, offer him/her a treat. 

How about hiding a treat?  Stainless steel food bowls become the perfect treat hider.  Put a little treat on the floor and place a food bowl upside down over top of the treat.  Your dog will put his/her thinking cap on to get the treat out.  Better yet, put a few bowls down and only one with a treat.  It is a great interactive toy that exercises your pooch's mind. 

How about an indoor walk?  If you have a treadmill at home, this is a great way to keep your dog's activity level up no matter what the weather.  It may take a little bit to have your pooch become comfortable on the treadmill, but it is worth it.    

It may be hard to resist the call of the sofa during our hibernation months, but think about what you can do indoors to keep your pooch from climbing the walls when they can't get out for long periods.  


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