Coming Together For The Dogs

"The combined force of a few thousand sparks makes a powerful bolt of lightening."

Arlo Guthrie


No one person can do everything.  No one group can do everything.  But when like minds and spirits cooperate, so much can be done. 

The concepts of cooperation and sharing are thankfully taking hold among dog rescue groups.  By promoting respectful relationships and cooperative attitudes to helping dogs in need, more can be accomplished.  Rescue groups may have different geographic areas of focus as well as different policies or protocols, but at the heart of it is a desire to make a difference for dogs in need. 

In working together, we are able to rescue an increased number of homeless dogs and prevent future unwanted litters that grow into homeless dogs

Successful organizations, whether in the non-profit or profit sector, are the product of teamwork requiring the cooperation of individuals who come to the organization with varied skills and experiences but share a dedication to the organization's purpose.  In a grass roots organization like hart, this cross section of interest and talent is key to achieving our purpose.  This idea of teamwork is spreading so that a network of support across local dog rescue groups is being developing. 

It is always uplifting to consider new ideas and meet like-minded dog rescuers and as this network is being developed across rescue groups there is much information sharing in regards to best practices in dog rescue and handling, humane education as well as training and funding opportunities.  There is also capacity building, sharing of equipment, cooperative efforts on special rescues, partnerships forming for special events and collaboration on major projects like spay and neuter clinics and food distribution. 

The ripple of compassion that each individual rescue group puts into motion can only get stronger with a collaborative approach across organizations. 



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