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If you follow hart, you know that our target rescue community is the Hobbema area because there is a large canine overpopulation problem in this community, as there is globally.  The reality is that there are too many dogs for good homes in every corner of the world. 

So today we shout out to our friends at CaliCan.  The founders and Pack Leaders of CaliCan are past hart volunteers who became aware of the problem in Central Valley California.  Approximately 60,000-80,000 (reported) dogs are euthanized per year and these numbers only come from the shelters and rescues but there are so many more that aren't found in a shelter environment. 

Our CaliCan friends are often asked, "Why California?"  And they have a simple, yet profound, answer.  "A dog saved is a dog saved." 

CaliCan's goal is not only to rescue the California dogs and find them homes in Alberta, but also to put a dent into puppy mills and backyard breeding in California and Alberta.  When you visit dog rescue websites for Alberta, there are quite a number of medium to large breed dogs, but small dogs are more difficult to find.  CaliCan works to match the demand for small dogs in Alberta with the over-supply of small dogs in California.  A winning formula for the small dogs looking for their furever families. 

Education on spay/neuter and adoptions are priorities for CaliCan and they work tirelessly to make a positive difference for small dogs in need. 

Should you be interested in checking out their work, please visit

Paws up to CaliCan! 

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