Face Your Foster Fears

We can help you face your foster fears. 


Rescue organizations, including hart, are constantly in need of additional foster homes as we can only rescue as many dogs as we can place in foster care. 

You will see that our recruitment efforts for foster homes is non-stop.   We put up web site postings.  We tweet.  We facebook.  We email.  We talk to people at events.  We even shout from mountain tops about how critical and rewarding fostering is.  We would try to shout this message from street corners too, but people may think we are loonier than we actually are. 

One common theme we hear in comments from individuals considering fostering is that "it will be too hard for me to give up my foster", "I will get too attached", "it will make me cry to see how the dog has suffered". 

These are totally understandable thoughts because fostering can be a daunting responsibility, but I would like to point out that these comments are about you and they are based in fear. 

Fear is what some of our rescue dogs live their lives in.  They fear because they have no shelter, they fear because they have no food, they fear some of the people that they come into contact with.  They face their fears every day, but still can't change their circumstances. 

But you can face your fears and change the future for rescue dogs by opening your heart and your home.   

We can help you face your foster fears.  Our foster team, medical team, supplies team and adoption team offer all the equipment and supports you and your foster dog will need. 

Your foster dog will move on.  Saying goodbye to your foster dog is a double edged experience.  You are so happy that they will have a loving home and family to spend the rest of their lives with, but you are sad that they will be sharing their love with someone else. 

However, you will celebrate through your tears because you made the difference between a life survived and life enjoyed by your foster dog.

Please stop and think about the dogs and the difference you can make when you foster a dog in need. 


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