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What do 10 operating years look like to a dog rescue organization? 

- Over 1,000 dogs with new leashes on life.

- Over 2,000 Adoption Days.

- Over 50 large scale fund raising events. 

- Countless trips to our rescue community.

- Over 100 volunteers. 

- Over 700 charitable receipts issued.

- Evolution from a total of 6 volunteers to the development of 13 core functional teams. 

- Many tears of sorrow and frustration at the plight of stray and abandoned dogs.

- Participation in the funding of 4 large scale spay/neuter clinics that altered over 200 dogs each. 

 -Development and launch of three websites. 

- Endless learning from the dogs we meet. 

- Countless ideas of how to make a bigger difference to dogs in need and the overpopulation problem.

In addition to being thankful for a healthy family (humans and canines included), I am reflecting on how much I appreciate the volunteers who have played a part in moving hart forward.

Some volunteers have come to hart and stayed.  Some volunteers have left.  And some of those volunteers have come back around. 

Each volunteer has brought energy and passion for dogs and have made hart a stronger and more effective organization.

Our volunteers give stray and abandoned dogs a chance at a healthy and happy life.  Our volunteers have moved a fleeting idea to save dogs into a sustainable reality. 

The founders of hart cannot thank you enough for your dedication, your compassion and your sense of humor. 

This Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks to you.  

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