Harness Your Intentions

Harness your intentions


As you know hart is run entirely by volunteers.  Our volunteers do everything:

  • Fostering dogs,
  • Running the foster program,
  • Rescuing dogs,
  • Coordinating spays and neuters,
  • Fund raising,
  • Coordinating the adoption of our awesome dogs,
  • Coordinating veterinary visits and treatments,
  • Liaising with Field Volunteers,
  • Arranging food for our food program,
  • Accounting for our funds,
  • Building policies and procedures. 

The list goes on and on. 

Without the compassion and commitment of our volunteers we wouldn't have been able to make a difference in the lives of stray and abandoned dogs since 2003.  And we hope that with our volunteers, we will be able to make a difference long into the future. 

Why do we have such highly committed volunteers? 

Every volunteer has a different motivation for spending their time and effort in an unpaid capacity.  Most people respond to three different levels of motivation. 

A self serving drive will take individuals to organizations that fulfill their needs.  That may be a need for networking, a need for skills development or a need for association.  Once the individual's need changes, these volunteers will move on unless a higher level of motivation has been activated. 

A relational drive will bring individuals into the volunteer mix because someone has asked them.  Think of the husband who volunteers because his wife is involved with a cause.  These volunteers have been recruited by a friend and they may stay, but only if a higher level of motivation has been activated. 

A belief drive brings the strongest level of commitment.  These volunteers are expending their energies on a cause that they believe in.  When individuals believe in the cause of an organization, even if that cause costs the individual personal sacrifice, they are highly motivated.  These are the individuals that will drop their Christmas morning breakfast into a doggie bag and head out to save a dog in need.  These are the individuals who will open their homes to foster a dog in need.  These are the individuals who stay up late at night coordinating volunteers and events. 

Regardless of what the motivation is for volunteers joining hart, we hope that through their experience, they are able to visualize a world where every dog has a home.  We hope that we activate that higher level of motivation and commitment. 

We know that we have an amazing crew of volunteers who have been touched by a dog, a story or an event that will stay with them forever.  They believe that we can reduce the amount of suffering that stray and abandoned dogs endure and they harness their intentions to make a difference.  

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