I Am A Rescuer


Some of us have been dog rescuers all of our lives.  Others have been involved in dog rescue for a short time.  We come from all walks of life, we are all shapes, we are all ages.  Who are we? 

As I walk down the street beside you, you may not be able to tell.  Sure, you may see some dog hair on my coat but you have no idea how much work has gone into that!

I am a dog rescuer. 

In my house I always have extra leashes, collars, medical supplies and bedding for dogs that need emergency help.  My decorating choices were made to accommodate dogs - flooring was chosen because it is easy to clean, textiles were tested with dog hair, the shower was designed to fit two people and a dog… 

Being a dog rescuer is not a paying job for most.  It sure isn't for me.  My professional life fills my days (and some nights), fulfills my career aspirations and pays my salary.  I put 100% into my day job and when that wraps up, every evening I find a way to put 100% more into rescue efforts.  That is not to say that I am rescuing every day.  But there is something related to dog rescue that bounds into each day.

Luckily my spouse is committed to dog rescue as well.  I have known of couples who have not been on the same page when it comes to dog rescue commitment and it can be messy.  This is a labour of love and when we get a call during Boxing Day breakfast saying that a dog needs help, we pack up our breakfast and head out on the highway.  I can't imagine how difficult it would be if my spouse did not support this.  Dog rescue is an emotional pursuit and when I am angry, he understands…when I am sad and defeated, he understands…when I am complaining about the work, he understands…because he is a dog rescuer too. 

I am not sure if I chose to be a dog rescuer or if dogs chose me to be their rescuer.  Either way, my soul has been shaped by my experiences as a dog rescuer.  My heart has been broken and it has also been filled with joy because of the dogs I have met while rescuing.  My memory is filled with stories of rescue dogs, images of dogs I have been able to help.  Dog rescue is at the core of who I am. 

I am a dog rescuer - you could be one too.  


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