My hart Is Yours

My hart is yours. 


My dearest rescue dog,

It is Valentine's day and although this day is no different than any other Thursday for you, I wanted to mark the occasion as did Chaucer by expressing my affection.

The day we met, I had no idea you would have such an impact on my life.  It is not like you were a bouncy bundle of joy that wagged your way into my heart.  Instead you were a friendly young adult who literally crossed my path.  It was evident to me from your loss of fur and the fact that you were underweight that you were not in the best shape of your life. 

I do not know why you chose me but you did.   With some love and supportive care I had the privilege of watching you get well.  I witnessed as the physical strain of your injuries and illness disappeared.  I guided you as you explored the internal workings of a home.  I watched as your confidence grew.  I rejoiced when you began to play.  That told me that all the cares and stresses of your life before me had disappeared. 

I was not looking for you and but you needed me.  As I changed your life, you have changed mine. 

You have left your paw prints across my hart and part of it now belongs to you.   


Your adoptive parent

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