Mutterings - Nose Prints

Anyone who pulls up next to my vehicle knows that I love dogs.  Not because I have stickers plastered across my vehicle, instead I have dog nose prints all over the inside of my back windows.    These streaks got me to thinking. 

Did you know? 

Your dog's nose has a pattern of ridges and dimples that, in combination with the nostril openings make up a nose print that is unique to each dog.  The nose print of a dog is thought to be as unique as a human's finger print. 


A dog's nose not only dominates her face, but dominates her brain as well.  A dog relies on her sense of smell to interpret her world in much the same way that humans depend on our eyesight.  In fact, a dog's brain is specialized for identifying scents and it is estimated that dogs can identify smells somewhere between 1,000 - 4,000 times better than humans.  Whereas humans have 5 million scent receptors, a beagle has 225 million and a blood hound has 300 million. 

As I get the glass cleaner out to erase my dog's nose art, I have a new appreciation for what left the streaks.  

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