Paw Pads


In a figurative sense, my dogs have left paw prints across my heart.  In the literal sense, my dogs are constantly leaving paw prints across my floors.  That got me to thinking about their paws, specifically their pads. 

Did you know? 

The pad is made up of hairless, pigmented skin overlaying a thick group of fat and tissue.  The surface texture can vary based on the dog's environment.   As we see with our rescue dogs, the surface of paw pads can be very tough if they are continually exposed to rough surfaces. 

Paw pads help with balance and stability by providing traction and acting as shock absorbers for the bones, tendons and ligaments of the limb.


A fast moving or high energy dog can tear their pads during intense play or prolonged running.  Just as hot surfaces can burn or blister dog pads, the exposure to extreme cold can freeze dog pads.  If you are out and about with dog in extreme temperatures or for long periods, consider dog booties.  Your dog may high step when they first go on but he'll get used to them. 


In addition to acting as shock absorbers, the pads contain sweat glands which help dogs cool off when they get too hot. 


So the next time your pooch leaves a dirty paw print on your floor, you can have a better appreciation for how important those pads are.  


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