R n' R

Rest and recuperation is vital to most rescue dogs. 


Not all hart rescue dogs come into care with intense injury or illness.  Many come into our care malnourished and fatigued.  They are mostly stray dogs who have been battling for survival.  Looking for shelter in our hard, long and cold winters and scavenging for whatever food they can find - garbage, wood, small rodents.  This is a very hard existence and more often than not, the first few days that rescue dogs are in foster care, they sleep and eat.  A lot. 

New foster families have commented numerous times that they did not expect their foster dog to sleep so much in the first few days.   A few good meals and some decent shut eye can make a world of difference to a newly rescued dog. 

Recently Pearl made the transition to her foster home and proved how restorative rest can be.  The first night she was wary of the new environment and her foster mom, but after a deep sleep in a warm and safe place, she woke up a new dog.  Pearl had forgotten to be wary and slipped into a new way of being with her foster siblings. 


In the supportive environment of a foster home, our rescue dogs become recharged.  The weight of survival is literally lifted off of their shoulders and they begin to live the life they always should have. 

R n' r does a rescued body and soul good.

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