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Many dog owners consider their dogs to be a family member.  These dogs go for car rides, have comfy beds, get special treats and go on family vacations.  However, not all dogs experience this lifestyle.   It has been said that there are more dogs living on the streets and in shelters than there are living comfortably in homes. 

Here is an American statistic, but it gives paws for thought:

There are between 2,000-3,500 cats and dogs born every hour compared to only 415 humans born every hour. 

It is easy to understand why the number of homeless animals is so high. 

Adoption is the most readily available short-term solution to the overpopulation crisis, but adoption only improves the lives of a small number of the current population.  The long term solution is spay/neuter programs.  To see spay/neuter programs take off first there needs to be geographic and monetarily accessible programs and second there needs to be an understanding of the problem and the solution. 

During the summer of 2013, hart was able to develop and trial a new component of our SNIP (Spays and Neuters in Partnership) Program which allowed us to transport 3 dogs to a vet partner each week for spays/neuters.  This program will continue into the fall, until the weather prohibits spay/neuter and release. 

We are thrilled to have this addition to our SNIP Program so that we can continue to contribute to the humane control of the overpopulation problem.  

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