Watch Us Grow - Part Two

Watch us grow


Thought we would check in on you again.  We have been having so much fun.  We keep growing and learning. 

This was us at 3 weeks: 


Last time we checked, we were three weeks old and our eyes were just opening and we were starting to make some yelping and whining noises. 

At that point we were exiting the neonatal period and entering the transitional period. 

This is us at 4 weeks:  


What this meant to us was that we were rapidly developing our senses and physical abilities.  We began to play with each other. 


And we began sampling food.  It was all soft and tasty.  Different than our Mom's milk, but it was sooo good.  Because we were still uncoordinated, we ended up wearing quite a bit of it too.   But never fear, our Mom still cleaned us off!   Because we are starting to eat on our own, our Mom is producing less milk. 

We started getting our puppy teeth too, which meant we had to be careful when we were feeding with our Mom.  Our Mom started teaching us about gentle mouthing.  Even though we explore everything by our mouths, our Mom wants to be sure that we don't hurt anything. 

The humans that we are with have also been teaching us things.  They explained what snow is and took us outside for our first snow day.  Boy, was it fun!



This is us now at 7 weeks:


We still have lots of growing to do, but we are almost ready to move to our own furever homes.  Our Mom and our foster parents have been teaching us lots of stuff so we are prepared.  We can't move until we are at least 8 weeks of age, but we have been posing for photos so that our furever families can find us on the hart website.  Our Mom is so excited for us to have our own humans.  I think she is just as excited to find her own humans too. 

I heard that hart has an annual family reunion each summer.  I sure hope we can all attend the PAWTY in June so we can see each other again! 


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