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A movement is gaining momentum to help clearly communicate that some dogs need space when they are out and about by affixing a yellow ribbon to the dogs leash.  The concept is that if you see a dog with a yellow ribbon on his/her leash it means that he/she needs a buffer around other dogs. 

The Yellow Dog project ( originates from Sweden and is spreading worldwide with the goal of drawing attention to the fact that some dogs simply need space.  There could be a host of reasons why your dog needs some space - your dog could be having health issues, your dog could be in training, your dog could be fearful,  your dog could be reactive, your dog could be in heat or your rescue dog might just be settling in and learning how to walk on a leash.  In all these circumstances, having a little bit of personal space for your dog is a good thing. 


The campaign is not for aggressive dogs, it is instead to draw attention to the fact that there are a host of reasons that a dog may need some space and are looking at a way to communicate this in a quick an understandable manner to others.  The concept is that owners with sensitive dogs who would prefer not to have contact with other dogs while out can tie a yellow ribbon on the dog's leash as a sign to please stay away. 

Walkers of reactive dogs are still expected to be proactive and responsible for the behavior of the dog.  Simply tying a yellow ribbon to your dog's leash does not mean that the responsibility for your dog is now transferred to the public.  The yellow ribbon is simply another visual cue. 

Many dog walkers do not realize that all dogs out on walks appreciate a strange dog invading their space bubble and getting all up in their faces...or other body parts.  The yellow ribbon campaign is one way of educating people about doggie introductions and that sensitive dogs are not necessarily aggressive dogs.  When you see a dog with a yellow ribbon or something yellow on the leash, this means the dog needs more space.  Maintain your distance or give the dog and his/her walker time to move out of your way. 

Through social media, awareness and education, The Yellow Dog Project is reminding people to ask before petting a dog and helping people recognize that a dog is not interested in meeting and greeting. 

Even if the yellow ribbon campaign does not catch on fully, it is bringing awareness to the personal space bubbles of pooches.  





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