Shelter from the Storm: Part One

Winters in Alberta can be unbearable.  We have all complained about the sub-zero temperatures as we bundle up and run from our heated homes to our heated vehicles...which we have started with a remote. 

But now think about how truly unbearable our winters are for dogs that have no access to shelter.  With no protection from the elements, many stray dogs simply do not make it through to spring.

Since 2003, hart has worked to provide shelters for dogs in our target community, but in early 2014 we formalized our efforts in the Shelter from the Storm initiative.  The first phase of the project was to develop a unique shelter design that is durable, light enough to transport and appropriate for all weather conditions while using a minimum of materials in order to keep building costs down.  The second phase was to establish working partnerships to fund and build the shelters.  The third phase was the actual build. 

In June 2014, the first build was complete with 20 new shelters ready to transport to the community. 

We would like to extend our hart-felt thanks to the partners and supporters who helped make this idea a reality:

- The construction facilities and equipment were provided by the Spruce Grove Composite High School under the guidance of teacher Ryan Wright and his assistant Joanne.  As the shelters are designed in separate components to facilitate handling and transport, it was a great learning opportunity for the students and the building of the shelters was made part of the curriculum for their construction classes.

- A very generous donation from Carol Anne, Rex and Renee Sluchinski and their businesses Enviromulch and Mirror Image Decals & Designs enabled hart to continue to move forward with the purchase of our supplies and materials

- Trish Haryett was a key volunteer in moving the 2014 build forward 

- Kevin and Wayne Tischer spent many hours revising blueprints and selecting materials that were most suited 

- Christine Brown surprised us by entering the Shelter from the Storm into AVIVA competition.

- Our supporters knew we had a winning idea and continued to vote for our project when we were competing in the AVIVA competition. 

The true success of the project will be felt by the dogs who utilize the shelters.  Our vision is that there won't be a dog without a shelter so we have our work cut out for us!

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