Who is Frank?

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What is Frank's Fund?

Frank's Fund is an emergency medical trust fund reserve that has been established to ensure availability of necessary financial resources for rescued dogs that require an exceptional or significant amount(s) of veterinary care.

Who is Frank?

Frank was a homeless dog taken into hart's care as part of a past Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force (ASNTF) initiative in 2011.

Because of his extensive medical needs, other rescue groups did not wish to take him in, and hart made the decision to support him in any way possible. He had never known a name for his entire life. It became clear that his time was spent surviving the long, cold winters and scavenging for whatever food he could find to keep himself alive. hart named him Frank.

He was held and hugged for the first time is his life by volunteers. He ate until his belly was full for the first time ever, and he finally knew what sleeping a soft, warm bed felt like.

After his initial hart assessment, it was clear he had sustained grievous serious injuries consistent with being struck by a vehicle. It is likely that for months, he was living in daily horrific pain, caused by the trauma to his spine and hips.

It was determined that his injuries were too extensive to treat, and the difficult decision was made to end his extreme pain and suffering. He lived out his remaining days in comfort, surrounded by the love safety, and support of those who rescued him. He experienced human compassion and happiness before he crossed the rainbow bridge, and this is how we rescued him.      

In his honour, hart has established Frank's Fund, an emergency medical trust fund to help homeless dogs in critical need. hart believes that every life deserves dignity, respect, and the kind of rescue they desperately need.