Tracy Dennis

Why did you get into fostering?
I wanted to make a difference in something that is truly important to me. I also wanted to give my children the experience with helping and volunteering.

Which hart dogs have you fostered?
Genie and Hattie

What has been the most rewarding aspect to fostering?
All aspects have been rewarding - but I guess it would be finding the right forever home for the dog

When individuals think it will be too much work or too emotionally taxing, what feedback do you have for them?
Well it is work - but a satisfying work of love is the way I see it - it doesn't take much to providing love and shelter to a dog in need. It can be an emotional journey but when you see the dog adopting the perfect forever family / home - it is so heartwarming and gratifying.

If your foster dog(s) could speak, what do you think they would say to you?
Genie…hmm…she knew she was in a safe home and neighborhood was so kind and gave me lots of love. I love the kids and the my foster brother and sister - oh and all the attention I got. But what I loved the most - is that my foster parents took the time to truly investigate my potential adoptive candidates and let me decide who I what'd to adopt. Hattie - well I am really enjoying the kids and my foster brother! I love being part of this family…I love flopping on my foster family. I am trying so hard to get away with things but my foster mom seems knows me too well…but I know this foster family loves me so much.