• Rambo


    He is an amazingly smart dog and has fit well into our family. He is a very affectionate dog, always looking for a cuddle and loves to play. Health wise he has been fine. Our vet couldn't believe that he had ever had jaw surgery because his jaw and teeth are so well developed. He is a bit orally fixated but we have solved that with lots of chew time :) We thank you so much for rescuing him as he is an integral part of our family. My brother brought over his 4 lb dog the other day and Rambo was amazingly gentle and played with him for hours. He loves to play and loves to go for walks. He has a lot of energy so we take him out quite often. He loves to race us on the quad in the field behind our house. We are now a three dog household and he never has a problem with other dogs as long as they play with him from time to time. He has a neighbourhood buddy that he has playtime with and they wrestle for hours. He even put some life into the 10 year old coonhound we just rescued with his constant insistence at play. I don't have a ton of pictures of him from this winter but I thought the one attached really captured the essence of "Rambo". He tries to pick up as many toys as he can and carry them around and hope the other dogs or someone will play with him. 


  • Abby


    Hi! It's me - Blynken, but I have a new name - they call me Abby in this house. I don't mind though - I got used to it right away. My mommy says that's because I am such a smart little girl! 

    I am sorry I haven't updated you on how I am doing in so long. I have been very busy fitting into my new life and I have to tell you I LOVE my new family! I fit in so well and my siblings love me so much, although I do have to admit that cat is still a bit of a mystery. Ben and I play together all the time and I really couldn't ask for a better big brother. He is patient and guides me along so well! He never snaps at me even when I try to steal treats out of his mouth, eat from his bowl, steal bones or toys that he is playing with. He just lets me take them and then the chase is on and we play and play. 

    I still love to dig and I have to tell you that all the snow we have had this winter has made for perfect digging conditions! I have managed to find a spot that still has dirt because of the overhang of the roof, so when I want to get dirty, I dig in there. But there is so much snow I love to dig and bury myself in the snow before bounding out of it like a little kangaroo! We have a doghouse here that is full of straw, both inside and outside. I'm not sure why there is straw there but it sure is fun to roll in, dig in or tease Ben if I have some in my mouth! I generally like to take all the straw out of the house, even when it is being put back in. My mom says that's ok since we are never outside long and we never stay outside when someone isn't home. It's just there if we feel like checking it out. I'm not very fond of the cold so I don't generally go outside for too long but sometimes when I am playing or digging I forget that it is cold out and my mom calls me in to make sure I don't get too cold! 

    My mommy is very proud of me because I am so well house trained! I have to only had two accidents in the house and my mommy says that was her fault because I am still very quiet about needing to go out. I peed on the backdoor mat, so I knew I had to be in the right place. But that was a long time ago and I have been perfect since!  

    I had my first visit to the vet back in December and she says I am a beautiful, sweet girl. Of course! I mean how could I not be!

    I am still very curious about that cat! He never stays still long enough for me to play with him. I love to chase him around and have even tried to climb that cat tree he goes into. But don't worry! I only get up to the first platform to sit. When the cat thinks no one is looking, we can be quite nice to each other and he will even lick my face to help me clean it and sometimes we sleep together on the bed. But sssshhhh don't tell anyone - it would ruin his image!

    Christmas was lots of fun! The tree made a great place to hide under and those balls on the tree - well let me tell you - the sparkles on some of them sure made me look pretty! I got some great new toys and treats for presents but better - there were four extra dogs here to play with! Two of them were former hart dogs (Farley - who used to be called Presley) and April. They both live with my mommy's brother and his girlfriend. So much fun to have them here! We all raced around in the big backyard, chased each other, dove into the snow and so much more. Everyone was relieved we all go along so well - 6 dogs in the house made things very busy!

    I have a very healthy appetite! To be honest - I am a total foodie! I am usually pretty good about not begging when people are eating - usually I just toddle off to do my own thing. My favourite place to be is close to the cooking - you never know when something might drop or someone might turn their back and I can sneak a little something for myself! I love to supervise Ben when he eats his food and try to sneak bites. Sometimes he will take food into his mouth and drop it close to his bowl so that I can have a little taste - see he is such a good brother! We discovered the other day that I don't like kale - AT ALL! My mommy was reading in a puppy training magazine that kale can be a good treat - so made some up just for us. Well - it wasn't good at all. I chomped the bits to little pieces and spit them out. Just to be sure I didn't like it, I tried some of Ben's, why not - he had spit his out too! But nope - definitely not a fan of kale!

    Thank you for giving me such a good start in life! We have been doing our part to support hart - for example - the WHOLE family got hart hoodies from me for Christmas.

  • Farley


    Presley is such a great dog, we changed his name to Farley though - he can be such a little goof, I think it suites him. and we found out that he loves vegetables - brussel sprouts and broccoli especially - he will eat that entire piece of broccoli - it makes a bit of a mess, but its pretty cute to watch him munch away on. he got a little bigger, but not much - it seems like he's evened out at 65 lbs. We feel pretty lucky to have ended up with such a great dog.


  • Zeva


    Zeva the Wonder Dog! 3 years ago a 5 lb. puppy descended on our quiet home, as you can see she was the cutest puppy in the whole world!  At the time we lived on an acreage and since it was January, she had to go outside to do her business.  This was not a hardship for this lady.  She dove into the snow, dug a tunnel and tried to figure out what was really under there… she was our snow puppy (she still does that). When she first came to us, she cried in her kennel for 3 nights in a row because she missed all her siblings, so we got my daughter's kennel which still had the doggie smell in it, found a clock, one of my tops with my smell on it, and tucked them all in with her for the night.  Finally… peace & quiet. As a puppy, Zeva had many toys, all of which she immediately chewed the faces off. She loved sticks & balls the most, always wanting to bring the stick in the house to chew.

     She still loves to chase balls and sticks, but will only bring it back if you give her a treat!  If not, you have to chase her for it. She also developed the bad habit of trying to chase the local garbage truck although what she was going to do with it if she caught it was a mystery to us. By summertime Zeva was chasing anything & everything on our acreage - especially the cat next door.  She loved to snoop and once when in the garden, she picked up a dead mouse the cat left & came to show me what she found… after much hysteria on my part I got her to drop it!  I replaced it with a stick and she was satisfied.  Zeva had 3 lab friends next door which came out for exercise every morning.  Her best friend was a chocolate lab, who was very lazy & would not run but that didn't stop Zeva from running around her and trying to get her to play.  As you can see from her pictures, she grew into a beauty and her personality is loving and gentle with other dogs and people.  Many times on our walks people have commented on how they would take her home in a minute, especially when she leans up against them for a pet.

    We had to move into St. Albert for various reasons, but she seems to have adapted.  My husband calls her spoiled, but he insists on giving her belly rubs before bed and if he isn't around to do that, she pouts.  Zeva just loves my 83 year old mother and when we visit her, if I don't catch her, Zeva will jump on Mom with an enthusiastic HELLO!  The fact that my Mom is only about 4' 10" tall is a concern,  because when Zeva  tries to jump on Mom,  they are nose-to-nose and weighs around 65 Lbs. ..  Zeva doesn't mind one bit and will even throw in a big kiss. As you can see she gets into Christmas and is also a great watchdog. This is just a fraction of the love story Zeva started 3 years ago and we know there will be much more to come.

  • Fergie


    We adopted her on Oct 30/10 about 8 months after we had to put down our dog Bud.  She is an awesome dog.  She was previously adopted out as a pup but returned to Hart for some reason, we sure are glad she was, as we've had her for 2 years now.  We both had to take obedience class so we can learn our manners which we passed at the top of the class.  Fergie loves going for our off leash walks everyday so she can burn off some of her energy.  She enjoys terrorizing chipmunks/squirrels so I carry treats to keep her from staying in the bush for too long.  She is great with kids & loves our cat & grand-dogs(3) so we are happy to have her in our family. Thanks for rescuing her!!!


  • Kalie


    On December 12, 2012 Kaylie passed on. When Kaylie came into hart's care, we did not know how much time she had. She was already considered a geriatric dog and was experiencing health issues. She had been abandoned by her original owner and was in a bad state. Through our tears upon meeting Kaylie, we promised to give her love and respect like she had never known. With the patience, love and treatment of her foster mom, Kaylie lived longer than we expected and a fuller life we imagined for her. Kaylie had many car rides, many off leash adventures, excellent tasty treats and best of all, Kaylie experienced a powerful love. Kaylie's wonderful foster mom put together this beautiful message to share with all of you:

    I am happy for her that she no longer is restricted by her old body; she no longer has any pain and doesn't have to wear a diaper anymore! She can run and play and be young again. It was my honor and pleasure to have been her companion for a year and a half, and to be there to enjoy her golden years. I am very glad she was in my life and will cherish that time I got to spend with her. Kaylieʼs ashes will be spread back into the earth at places I think she enjoyed the most.



  • Krypton

    krypton.jpgHi Hart! Just wanted to post a quick update on our recent adoption, Krypton (formerly Apu). He is growing like crazy and takes up half the bed as you can tell in this picture! He loves his new brother Wilson (who we adopted from my Aunt) and the two of them together get into so much mischief digging in the mud together and pulling the squeakers and stuffing out of each toy we give them! Krypton is such sweet and gentle boy and always gets compliments on how handsome he is, from strangers. He loves car rides and swimming in the pond at his grandparents' acreage.

  • Rona

    Rona.gifRona (Rowan) is doing great. She and her sister, a standard poodle cross, get into loads of trouble. You can always tell that something is up because they look at each other and then give you a goofy smile like they're saying, "This is going to be awesome!" I have had Rona for a year come this December, and she has never failed to run to the door when I come home (if she isn't waiting there already) and make me feel like the most loved person in the world. She loves to be anywhere as long as I'm there--even if it means sitting through my violin practices. I can't imagine a more loyal friend.

    When I was going through the adoption process, I noticed that she became quite nervous around people she didn't know very well, and I knew that she was my dog. Together, we have been overcoming our anxiety problems. She puts on a brave face when I get anxious, and I do the same for her. At Halloween this year, she loved standing at the door and getting pats from all the children as they came trick or treating--a real improvement from the first time strangers came to the door and she jumped up on the couch I was sitting on and hid behind me.

    I'm so thankful to have Rona in my life, and so my gratitude has to go out to HART for nursing her back to health when she was just a puppy suffering from mange. I can't imagine what my life would be like without her. Thank you.


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