• Lola



    We celebrated Lola's first birthday this week! It's been almost 10 months since we were first introduced to her and we couldn't imagine our lives without her.
    Lola is extremely friendly and good with dogs, cats and people of all ages. She loves to play, make friends and sleep in. Don't let her small size fool you, she is able to hold her own with all the big dogs in her life. She makes it her mission to win over all her fur-friends. Her old housemate, Radar (former HART foster), can attest to this, even he can't help but be impressed when she keeps up with him on the trails.
    Lola fills our lives with so much love, excitement and entertainment and we can't thank HART enough.

  • Luigi




    Hi HART team! 

    I wanted to thank you all again for bringing Luigi (formerly PawPaw) into our lives. Exactly one year ago today we were contacted by your team asking if we could foster him. Little did we know, at that moment he had officially found his forever home! In honour of that, I thought I would give you a little life update. 
    Luigi is doing great! We've had lots of amazing support from Naughty Boyz Dog Training and he has come a long way! He has taken a few classes with the NBDT team including leash reactivity (which he crushed) and private lessons. He absolutely loves agility, and we can't wait until group classes start up again! 
    More recently, we have taken up Search and Rescue Training. He loves to use his nose, and we thought it could be a fun activity to do together! I don't mean to brag, but he is absolutely amazing at it! We're excited for him to be fully trained and certified so that hopefully one day we can help Search and Rescue groups! 
    Luigi loves to run and play. On top of his daily walks, he also goes on a daily run with his mum or a bike ride with his dad. He Is doing incredibly well with walking and running on a loose leash. This was something that we had to work really hard on! 
    Luigi has a few dog friends and we are working hard on his socialization with other dogs. He goes from 0-100 on the excitement scale so we are trying to teach him how to appropriately greet and socialize with other dogs. It is a work in progress, but once he settles down he loves playing with his four legged friends! 
    So thank you for bringing him into our lives. Thank you for all the support that you have given us and for making him a part of our family!


  • Ivy

    In the spring of 2013, we agreed to look after a new intake, 1 year old Ivy, for five days over the weekend while hart's founders were away. She had just had a litter of ten pups that were now out for adoption. The foster family was arranged for a Tuesday pickup and an adopter had shown serious interest.  We cancelled them all on that Sunday and Ivy became a part of our pack.
    Here she is seven years later laying by the pond


  • Doc

    It's been 1 year since Wicket (formerly Doc) blessed us in our home.
    He and his human brother get into mischief and are always playing together.  Always tries to instigate rough housing with his big sister Rey. And has welcomed a new baby human sister recently.
    He just loves being with his family and loves belly rubs. He's recently started having fun chasing bugs on walks and in the backyard.
    Thank you HART for letting us take him home  ❤



  • Fila and Fannie

    Several years ago, our Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel, Pepper, passed away after 14 wonderful years.  We went without a pet for a few years, but I really missed our going out for walks every day.
    I had been volunteering with hart for some time as well, and talked to my wife about the possibility of adopting a new family member.  While there was some trepidation at first, we eventually found Fila and fell in love with her.  She came to live with us in 2017, and we changed her name to Gracie.
    Gracie has been very good at ensuring that I get out for walks almost every day, but I found that even though she was a "low energy" dog, I just couldn't keep up with her when she wanted to play.  Plus I was still working mornings, and I felt bad leaving her at home alone for half of the day.  
    And then I met Fannie.  She was a new dog that was getting close to adoption, and I was tasked with taking photos of her.  She was close to Gracie's size and build, liked to run and play, but was quite timid and somewhat afraid of me.  Again, my wife and I talked it over, and last October Fannie came and joined our family, as "Skook".
    At first Gracie was not very sure about this new intruder, and there was a lot of playing "dog in a manger", where one would push the other out of their bed, or away from treats, but they have gradually become the best of friends.  Skook loves to be with us all, and has become much more confident with Gracie around.
    Their favorite place is the Terwillegar of-leash park, and it is amazing watching them run and play, particularly in the winter, as they race through the trees and the snow.
    We are so glad to have them both now.  Although there was concern about how two dogs might fit into our lives, we can't imagine living without them now!
    Thank you to all at hart for helping to make this happen!
    Fila and Fannie Fila and Fannie 1

  • Rooster

    Rooster is doing really well. He is turning eleven this year, but he's been super healthy and active. The only thing is that he slipped on our tile floor tore his ACL a couple months ago, but he has healed really well and is back running and jumping like nothing has happened! We got a second dog a couple of years back and he's been so much happier ever since, because he has a buddy to spend time with when we're not at home. Thanks so much for checking in on him. I am so grateful to have adopted Rooster and so thankful to you and hart for rescuing him in the first place. He's just the sweetest and most gentle little dog that anyone could have. 
    Rooster Rooster1

  • Subway


    We have had Subway 6ish years. When he first came to us he was timid, needed to be on a leash  and in a fenced yard, he hugged his bowl as he ate and would hide when the house was full of people. It didn't take long for him to be able to walk off leash, wait to eat until we said grace- release word is Amen- and love singing happy birthday when our house would be full of friends and family. 

    I could never imagine our house without our chow faced boy. He is the sweetest fella and one of his best friends is a rescued rabbit named Savage.

    He is enjoying his life out on our acreage that has plenty of trees for him to sit under. He loves the adventures to the mountains and especially heading into Jasper where the ice cream store always gives him a vanilla cone cause he eats it so gently. He usually has 10-15 people to watching him cause he's so sweet.

    We kept his name as Subway cause it's suits him. And everyone that meets him loves his name and fall in love with our gentle boy.

    Thank you HART for rescuing him. We adore him and so do all our friends and family. Here is Subway and his little brother Schmichael Christmas picture.

  • Felinda

    "Bernie (previously Felinda) joined our family 3 years ago. She was a Hart Plus dog, which meant that she had some special considerations. She was fearful and timid of humans, which was not what we had set out looking for when we started looking for a second dog. But our needs were specific - we were looking for a companion for Wally, our first dog.
    We worked closely with Hart to find a good match, and when Bernie was first suggested, I wasn't sure but willing to try. During our first few visits, the two dogs showed no interest in each other. During our fourth visit, I had all but thought this was a lost cause, when all of a sudden, the two locked eyes, came to an unspoken agreement, and started wildly playing together.
    They were inseparable from that day forward. Bernie, being the calm even-keeled dog she was, showed Wally that being home without humans wasn't so scary. And Wally became her confidence buddy and showed her that the world and all the fun things in it were not so scary. She came to us fearful and guarded, and left as one of the most feisty and playful dogs I have had the pleasure of getting to know.
    Her time with us was a gift, and I am forever grateful."
    Sadly, Bernie passed away in December of 2019, but her memory will live on in our 'hart'.
    Felinda1  Felinda

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