• Xino

    Xino  Xino2


    Xino came into hart's care when he was just a couple months old.  He had scabs on his ears from being chewed on by the other dogs he was with.  Luckily, no long term damage was done and Xino was adopted into a loving family in 2016.  Xino's family had the following update to share in 2019:

    "Xino has grown into such a confident mountain dog and spent most of the summer hiking and exploring with us.  He has put on about 5 pounds of solid muscle this summer, swimming, running and hiking, he looks like a man hahaha!! His is so sweet and still very cuddly.  We are grateful for hart and feel so lucky to have Xino!"

  • Angel

    Four years ago I hopped into my travel crate on an icy -35 day in Edmonton en route to my new home in Glade, BC. The roads were so bad it took 3 days to get there.

    My new home turned out to be 2½ acres on a big river. There is always someone home with me and I get lots of cuddles and belly rubs. I love the cat, Tiger, although she's not too fond of me. I don't know the horses too well because I think it's probably smarter to stay away from them. Mainly I play with my best friend, Willow, and go for long walks in the woods; we stay off trail and I am told I am a phenomenal bushwhacker. Poking around in the forest is one of my favorite things. And just the other day a passing hiker said "my, what good manners." This summer I started swimming; it's a good way to cool off and my life jacket makes me feel pretty secure. I also spend quite a bit of time on my tripawd agility course - I'm super fast to get to those treats at the end of the run. And I LOVE snow!

    I and my family are so grateful for all of my foster families, especially Cathy and Eric, and all of the love and hard work hart put into finding me my furever home.


  • Brady (Rafter)

    Hey hart, 

    I just wanted to take some time and thank you guys. It's coming up on 4 years since I adopted my little guy from you guys and I could not be more thankful. When I was looking to adopt, not a lot of places were giving me a shot because of my age. Then I found Brady (Rafter) on hart's site and you guys were the first to give me the chance at adopting. 
    He has been my best friend since the day I saw him and you guys are to thank. He's my favourite travel companion and I take him with me everywhere I can. He's everything I could have hoped for.

    Rafter                     Rafter1

  • Q

    I would just like to thank everyone for all the hard work they do, because without them out wonderful boy Q would not be part of our family. Its been almost a year since he joined our family, and he has added his own flare to our lives. He has grown into such a big boy. He loves cuddles on couch. He is so curious about everything around him. And like every growing boy food is his favorite raw potatoes, freshly dug out of the garden.  He really enjoys long walks, expecially at the off lease park were he can run and sniff everything. Big brother Leo taught Q all about the wonderful world of swimming this year, and when he can you will find him in the water. He is such a smart and gentle boy. He is loved so much by us. 


  • Jesse James

    "Me and my partner adopted Jesse James a little while ago, and I wanted to let you know that it's going really well. He has settled in comfortably in his new home with us, and his front leg has grown stronger over the past few months. We've discovered that Jesse is very smart and eager to learn new tricks! When the weather turned cold last month, I decided to work on some indoor activities with him as it was too cold to do our usual walking distance. In addition to sit, stay, lay down, play dead, and dance (turn in a circle), Jesse has also learned how to play hide-and-seek, and close doors!  Most of my evenings consist of hanging out with Jesse, walking, playing hide-and-seek and snuggling, which has been fantastic! :)" 

    Update:  Sadly, Jesse was diagnosed with ME (megaoesophagus) and MG (myasthenia gravis) in early 2018 and acquired aspiration pneumonia shortly after.  Due to complications from this, Jesse passed away in March of 2018.  His forever family and his hart family were devastated to lose him.

    "He was the most kind and resilient dog we have ever met and he was our best friend. We shared a lot of quality time together over the past months, which we never took for granted. He was very loved." - Jesse's family

    Jesse James

  • Hanna

    A year ago, we were lucky enough to open our homes and hearts to little Miss Hanna.  It is hard to believe it's only been a year, as it seems like she's been a part of our family forever.  This past year has consisted of nothing but adventures, kisses, snuggles, and unconditional love.  I never knew that a dog could be as good natured as she is, she always has a wagging tail and is ready for anything and everything.  I have yet to encounter someone who doesn't immediately fall in love with her.  Her goofy and loving personality has grown just as much as she has!  And I'm left wondering who actually rescued who.  We would like to send a big thank you to all at HART who made this adoption a reality and to Hanna's foster family Rebecca and Garrett who were so helpful throughout the whole process.  

  • Juliet

    Hi everyone, just an update on Jules! She is the sweetest pooch ever! She loves chasing rabbits and is also fascinated by squirrels she likes her organic peanut butter cookies too, she is learning "wait" and "stop" I love her so much thank you  ~ ps she loves her stuffy babies.  Thank-you from rescuing her from her situation.Juliet

  • Rambo


    He is an amazingly smart dog and has fit well into our family. He is a very affectionate dog, always looking for a cuddle and loves to play. Health wise he has been fine. Our vet couldn't believe that he had ever had jaw surgery because his jaw and teeth are so well developed. He is a bit orally fixated but we have solved that with lots of chew time :) We thank you so much for rescuing him as he is an integral part of our family. My brother brought over his 4 lb dog the other day and Rambo was amazingly gentle and played with him for hours. He loves to play and loves to go for walks. He has a lot of energy so we take him out quite often. He loves to race us on the quad in the field behind our house. We are now a three dog household and he never has a problem with other dogs as long as they play with him from time to time. He has a neighbourhood buddy that he has playtime with and they wrestle for hours. He even put some life into the 10 year old coonhound we just rescued with his constant insistence at play. I don't have a ton of pictures of him from this winter but I thought the one attached really captured the essence of "Rambo". He tries to pick up as many toys as he can and carry them around and hope the other dogs or someone will play with him. 


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