• Ruby


    Today (September 25, 2014) marks the one year anniversary of Ruby being added to our family.  She has fit in so well, it feels like she has been here forever!  She immediately got along with her canine brother and feline brother, because she has such a loving personality that everyone (humans and animals alike) can't help but fall in love with her!

    Ruby has grown so much over the last year, when she first arrived at our house, she had very bad separation anxiety, and didn't like to be left alone.  It wasn't unusual for us to come home from work and find out that she had escaped from her kennel and had some adventures around the house, and she always happily greeted us at the door.  Now, Ruby doesn't mind her kennel, and as long as she knows her brothers are around, she's very content.

    We have also started training with Ruby, and we knew from the day we adopted her, that she was a very smart girl!  Now that she is in training lessons, she has proven it time and time again.  She is so smart, she can learn almost every command the first time she hears it, and she is just so eager to please. She finished at the top of her first class and it is our goal to do competitive obedience, because we know she will be a star.

    Ruby is so full of love and affection.  She loves to give kisses, and she loves to play with everyone -  people, dogs, cats, and children, she is the perfect family dog.  We are so happy to have her in our family, and we look forward to watching her grow.
    Thank you for saving Ruby and letting her join our family, we love her so much!
    Riley and Elizabeth


  • Toby


    Toby was adopted just before Christmas of 2013. Just wanted to send in a year anniversary for our little Toby. We got him just before Christmas and he's doing so good. We like to call him out little weed wacker because when playing his growls sound just like a weed wacker! He has a great personality and loves his big sister Hazel.


  • Luna


    All is well and Luna has adjusted to her new home perfectly. She's still very energetic, but she's calmed down quite a bit, though struggles from time to time with separation anxiety. She just wants to snuggle her humans Something that caught us all off guard was how she bonded with Hunter…our 2 year old siamese cat. They've become best friends, often napping together on the couch after an hour of chasing each other and playing. Having heard that Luna had very limited exposure to cats, this is what we were worried about the most. Luna tries to make friends with out 10 year old domestic short hair cat, but Jynx is having none of it. Every day, though, Luna tries. I doubt she'll give up.

    She does still struggle with what we believe is a "stray mentality." She doesn't seem to realize that her food will always be readily available and tends to be quite gluttonous. She eats her food quickly and then lies in wait for our American Eskimo to finish eating so she can have his leftovers…he's learned not to leave any either, and is no longer a grazer She gets better with this as time goes on, but it is something we're trying to work on.

    Aside from that, she's the most loveable animal, and often times just a big goofball! She makes us laugh several times a day.


  • Zaya


    Hi Hart! It's me, Zaya! It's been one year since my foster family adopted me and I couldn't be happier!

    As happy as I am, I must admit, it's a lot of work having pawrents. I have to take them for walks everyday so they don't get too pudgy, I have to entertain them with my tricks, I have to taste their dinners to make sure they are still good, and I have to fill their need to rub a belly by letting them rub my belly. When I am not looking after my pawrents I keep busy at my part time job at doggy daycare, where I teach other dogs how to play.

    I also very strongly believe in helping more doggies so I continue to foster. So far I have had 4 foster siblings. They usually need a lot of help, especially when it comes to teaching them what toys are, but I am persistent and they always figure it out.

    Keep up the good work Hart!


  • Quibble


    Quibble from the Q-litter has grown so much. Look at me now!


  • Emma


    Hi my name is Emma and I would like to tell you my story. Over a year ago I was brought into this world under the care of the HART team after my mom was rescued from a place you wouldn't call home. Once I got big enough and did not need my mom's care I was told I was going to go to a home where I would stay for a bit until I found my new furever home.    I was a little scared of this move as I was leaving behind my 3 brothers but the lady I was given to was super sweet and even had a big brother for me to play with. I wasn't there for very long as so many other people wanted to be my mommy. I was visited by a few people but was chosen to go home with this lovely couple.

    When I got to my furever home I was welcomed with lots of toys, a brand new bed, and lots of things ALL for me. I knew I was going to love this place. My parents were even so kind to give me a real life toy they call a "cat". I was very curious about this as I've never seen one before. I soon learnt that this toy doesn't like to play but does enjoy sleeping. I was ok with that because I had lots of other things to play with during the day and was ok with having something to sleep with. It only took a few nights of sharing my bed with her to gain her trust. We are now best friends.

    My first visit to the vet gave my parents a pretty big scare. The vet told them that I have a heart murmur caused by a hole in my heart. I wanted to tell them that I was going to be ok but didn't know how to tell them that. My mom and HART worked together and after a few tests they were able to see that I really was going to be ok! As I got older my heart was getting stronger and the hole was closing up on its own. I still have a little hole but that doesn't stop me from having fun. I still run with the other dogs at the dog park and enjoy jumping through the snow. I have experienced so much in the last year including long truck rides to BC to visit my grandparents. They live by a big lake that I enjoy swimming in every morning. I must say… I adapted really well and my parents tell me all the time that I am the best dog ever. I live the life every dog dreams of and I thank HART and my parents every day for giving me such an incredible life.

  • Cas


    Hello our names are Misty and Aaron. We have been married for just over a year and wanted a furry companion for as long as we have been together. HART came to our attention as a very selfless and amazing organization when it came to animals. Back in December 2013 HART had received a litter of puppies known as the B Team. Bachus now known as Cas or Castielle for Supernatural fans caught our eye right away. He was the furry bundle of endless energy we were looking for. In January we had our meeting with the foster parent and had our home visit. We have never had so much fun having a 4 legged friend in the house and knew right away he was the one for us. HART made sure the transition was thorough and that any questions or concerns were welcomed. Cas has been with us over a year as of January 17 2015. He has made our lives full of joy and laughter and is our sweet baby boy. On June 9th 2014  I lost my dad and when I got the news I rushed home and waiting for me was my wife and baby boy. He wouldn't leave me, wouldn't stop the kisses, and wouldn't stop laying beside me. He is such a gift to my wife and I and we are not sure what our life would be without him. He has so much personality and so much love to give. He is goofy and has the most ridiculous whine in the world. He has never been a big fan of car rides and makes a point to let us know every time. He loves to play, run, be chased, and see all of his friends at the dog park. Everyone is his friend if they let him and we are proud we went through HART and found a furever home for him and a best friend for us.  Thank you HART for everything you have done and everything you continue to do. Sincerely Misty, Aaron and Cas!

  • Elan

    Elan.gifMy fiance, Michael, and I began fostering 5 years ago. We had some friends that were fostering, and thought it looked like something we could do - a way to ease us into having a full-time dog of our own. At the time, HART had just rescued a mother with a litter of puppies needing homes. They were so cuddly and cute, and I assumed we would be getting one. I got a call one day saying that there was another dog, Elan, who was currently being fostered in a condominium, and had become too big for the condo rules, so they were looking for a new family for her. Of course we were willing to take any dog that needed our help, so a few days later, Elan was on her way to us.

    When they arrived, I looked outside and saw her being basically dragged up our front walk way. She was hell bent on not coming inside. Once we were left alone with her, she retreated to her kennel, and didn't come out for hours. We would try to coax her out, but she would just push her body as far to the back of the kennel as she could and shake..I felt so bad for her!  We started making food trails out of her kennel. She would eat her way just far enough out so that her back feet were still touching the kennel, and then retreat back inside. After about 24 hours of this, she came out to eat her food trail again, and Michael scooped her up and brought her over to us on the couch. She curled up at our feet, and was attached to us from then on. 
    Six months passed, and not a single person had been interested in her. We brought her to some HART events, but she was so scared of people that she would hide behind us and bark. When she was alone with us, she was so gentle and sweet, but was just so scared around new people that no one could see what we saw. She loved and got along great with other dogs, but men were a big issue for her. She was also a year old at this point, and a lot of people want a puppy.

    FINALLY, someone contacted us! They wanted to meet her :) They came over one evening and brought their dog, a Rottweiler cross, and Elan and the pup got along great. They wanted to move onto the next step where Elan goes to their house for a visit. That night, Michael and I sat down to discuss. She had been in our lives for so long now, that it was hard to imagine life without her. I may have cried a bit, and that was that. We were adopting her.
    5 years later, I can't imagine life without her. Fostering is such a great opportunity, and if you're strong enough to know you have done a great thing for the dog, and can bear to see the dog move on to their forever home, then kudos to you. Michael knew right from the start that I wasn't going to be able to let her go, but went along for the ride. I would LOVE to foster another dog down the road, and give the hope of a better life to another pup, but right now am worried about Elan getting attached to a buddy, and then having to separate them. 

    If you can foster even one time, you could be saving a life. DO IT. HART is so awesome, and they make it so easy. They provide food, treats, kennels, beds, anything you could possibly need. They were also more than willing to find a "babysitter" for Elan if we happened to have plans that didn't involve her. Such great people and such a great organization!!

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