• Zena

    Zena.gifNovember 2015 marks exactly one year since we came to your home to pick up a very timid and shy dog named Zena. We welcomed her into our home at the time as a foster and us as her foster parents, never did we imagine what changes it would have on us. It was only 2 months after we brought Zena home did we make the ultimate decision to officially adopt her. We had our first foster fail with our first foster and I am happy for it. Zena have changed our lives emensely, never to be the same. She has grown so much in the last year, she is no longer that shy dog, happy to say. She loves spending time with her mom and dad, loves going to the dog bark and even spending time with her other fur-siblings. Thank you so much for what you do for the community. Thank for opening your doors and allowing us to be apart of it as well.

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