• Al


    Al was adopted from hart in August of last year. He was, and still is, such a sweet boy with a wonderful spirit. He came to us with scars, both physical and emotional. Al has evidence of fights or abuse as can be seen with the knicks on his face, ears and legs as well as the thick tuft at the back of his neck where he apparently at one time had a gaping wound. Then there are the bullet fragments in his back end….on top of all of this we have come to accept his "eccentricities" and what would normally be overreactions to loud noises and quick movements in his direction. Toys were foreign to him and forget it if the toy got stepped on and squeaked. Oh Al!

    Al has come such a long way in a short period of time. In March of this year we adopted a little brother for him, a puppy from another rescue and that pup is a crazy little (huge) thing. Al's brother Diesel has brought so much joy to him, its amazing to see. I nearly cried the first time (I probably actually did) and sometimes still tear up when Al does a "dog thing". Al has slowly come out of his shell. It started with a single bark and has progressed to barking at wildlife, sometimes chasing it away as well as barking when he hears voices as people walk by our property. I know, regular normal dog stuff. And he plays with toys, even squeaky ones.  Al and Diesel wrestle and wrestle. Al is teaching Diesel manners and Diesel is teaching Al "dog". Though Diesel was neglected, because he was so young when he came to us, he doesn't have the baggage that Al does.

    Adopting has brought us so much joy, so much work, haha and we wouldn't change a thing. I strongly support adopting rescues and discourage those looking for the purebred; you can find the perfect mutt instead!!

    Carla Rufiange

  • Zena

    Zena.gifNovember 2015 marks exactly one year since we came to your home to pick up a very timid and shy dog named Zena. We welcomed her into our home at the time as a foster and us as her foster parents, never did we imagine what changes it would have on us. It was only 2 months after we brought Zena home did we make the ultimate decision to officially adopt her. We had our first foster fail with our first foster and I am happy for it. Zena have changed our lives emensely, never to be the same. She has grown so much in the last year, she is no longer that shy dog, happy to say. She loves spending time with her mom and dad, loves going to the dog bark and even spending time with her other fur-siblings. Thank you so much for what you do for the community. Thank for opening your doors and allowing us to be apart of it as well.

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