• Skeeter

    Skeeter.jpgWe changed his name to Skeeter. (Pete is my father-in-law's name and it just didn't work!) He is doing great and has been a very positive addition to our household. He is great with my kids and just generally a very friendly big dog! He is up to 85 lbs and still going.

  • Roger

    Roger.jpgRoger has grown up to be a fun-loving and goofy guy. He has taken a liking to eating apples, pears, bananas, lettuce, carrots and all sorts of other fruits and veggies. He's learned a bagful of tricks and continues to surprise us with how smart he is.

    One of his favorite things to do is run around at the off-leash dog park. He has become an invaluable part of our family and we love having him with us.

    Thank you hart for letting us take in this wonderful little guy.

  • Maggie

    Maggie2.jpgVenus is doing great (but I renamed her Maggie). When I take her on walks, I get compliments on what a beautiful dog she is, often from complete strangers. Fetching the ball and swimming are her favorite things to do and I take her mostly everywhere I go. We are excited to head to Ontario for a few weeks: she loves the beach and swimming in the Great Lakes.
    Maggie has been well trained and can do quite a few tricks, but really just has a great personality and temperament. I feel fortunate to have her. It was hard adopting Maggie from her foster parent, because they had a great bond (I guess that is part of being a foster parent). But now Maggie is happy and well. Not sure if dogs have reunions at hart but if anyone wants to see her we could meet up. Thank you for the follow up.

  • Charlie

    Charlie.jpgAs you know, Charlie was rather meek initially and would cower and cover his head if there were any loud noises or voices or if you approached him too quickly; however, he has come a long way since then and now behaves like a normal little happy-go-lucky doggie and follows the house rules very well. It is hard to believe that someone would have hurt or abandoned Charlie as he is the most loveable little creature and just wants to please you. He has bonded with everyone in our family and our extended family. He used to be fairly timid when we would have people over and would hide under furniture or in his kennel but now he just loves all the attention and love that he gets from everyone. He has also bonded well with his big sister, Macadamia and they love to romp and play together every day - chasing each other around the house and playing tug of war with toys. Charlie often does cutesy little things that remind us of our dog Oreo that passed in February of 2012 - so much in fact that my daughter thinks that Oreo sent Charlie to us. I am thankful we were able to adopt Charlie as he was the perfect addition to our family. Big thank you to you both (and HART) for allowing Charlie to become part of our family!

  • Bliss

    Bliss.gifI just wanted to let you know that Bliss (Mouse) is doing awesome. I adopted her from HART in 2009.


  • Chloe and Banjo

    chloe-and-banjo.jpgWe just wanted to share our 'Happy Tails' story about our two adopted pups: Chloe (formerly known as Bridget) and Banjo!

    We adopted Chloe as a puppy in March 2011 when she and her siblings were still suffering from mange. It was a long and stressful treatment process, but I am happy to say that she beat the odds and is now a beautiful and completely ridiculous pup we cannot imagine living without.

    She was such a fighter when she was sick, always keeping her sweet personality even when we knew it was tough for her, and now she is all the stronger because of it. She has us laughing daily with her quirky behavior and is such a sweetheart to have around. Chloe came into our home and fit in as if it were meant to be!

    At a hart event that summer we met a gorgeous husky, Banjo, who was a new rescue. Within seconds my husband fell in love with him and subsequently convinced me that our puppy Chloe needed a sibling! Before I knew it, we had added Banjo to our family and once again it is one of the best decisions we have ever made. Banjo is a blast to have around and can cheer up any gloomy day with his crazy antics when chasing a ball through the house. He is always happy to give you kisses (even when you are catching a nap) and loves meeting anyone that comes in our door.

    Chloe and Banjo are now inseparable, whether lounging in the back yard, chasing each other through the park, swimming in the river, or keeping up the neighborhood watch at our front door.

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt these two amazing dogs! They are so wonderful and have brought so much joy to our lives.

  • Regis

    Regis.jpgI just wanted to give you all a quick update on Regis. I adopted Regis in February of 2010 and he was a sweet, but very timid four-month old puppy. Today, he has grown into a fantastic two-year old dog and he is the best dog I could ask for! Everyone who meets him loves his sweet nature and he still acts like a playful puppy.

    Regis went from being terrified of meeting new dogs to the most social dog at the dog park! He also loves spending time out on the farm with the horses and other dogs. Thank you so much for helping me find the best dog I could ask for. And Regis says thank you for finding him his "furever" home!

  • Kessa

    Kessa.jpgIn 2005, I adopted Kessa, a border collie cross. When I took her home she wasn't totally house-trained, but since that time she has learned to do her business outside.

    For a while it was just the two of us, but in 2008 I met my husband (who had a dog from the SPCA). His dog's name is Roscoe; Kessa and Roscoe have become the best of pals. I think it's good for Kessa to be around another dog, especially since they are home alone during the day. They often play together and share beds, water bowls, etc. Although they get along very well, Kessa is jealous, so you can't give Roscoe attention without giving her the same.

    Both dogs are around the same age and have a background of being on their own and scrounging out food wherever they could (mainly from garbages). Now both dogs are spoiled and lay around inside, winter and summer. They do enjoy daily walks and running at the off-leash area, whenever we can get there.

    It has been a really rewarding experience taking Kessa in, and she has turned out to be such a great companion that I wanted to let you know she is in good hands.

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