• Maci

    Maci.jpgIt is coming up to two years since my Valentine's Day adoption of Maci (formerly known as Heidi). Maci has become a huge part of both mine and my family's life, and I'm pleased to report that she is happy and healthy! She has gotten over her initial dislike of our other family pet (the 12-year old Yorkshire Terrier Mojo), and the two are now inseparable. Maci's favorite pass-time is long, off-leash walks with my father, her biggest fan besides me, and stealing an occasional casserole off the countertop (she has an affinity for shepherd's pie).

    Maci has been an blessing in our lives. Her charm and intelligence are far beyond what I've seen in other dogs, and she's demonstrated this countless times throughout our training together. She was even featured in the Edmonton Sun and has helped bring attention to the plight of rescue dogs! I would encourage anyone looking to bring a dog into their lives to adopt a rescue dog. I truly believe that rescued dogs are the best dogs.

    Maci has definitely found her "furever" home and I look forward to having her as a constant companion in the years to come. Thank you hart for bringing us together!

  • Seela

    Seela.jpgSeela has become the most incredible dog ever. She gets along with all other dogs, loves my son Aubry, and is best friends with my great dane Abe. She is in perfect health and has the most amazing personality. We laugh at her daily. She's constantly into something and she loves standing on my coffee table. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect addition to our family. Thank you so much for rescuing her. She has brought a ton of love and joy to our lives.

  • Teddy

    Teddy.jpgWe adopted Rascal (now renamed Teddy) in August 2010. It was only six weeks after our much-loved Westie passed away, but we knew we wanted to give a home to another animal in need. Teddy was quite a shock after having a 16-year old dog.

    He came from a reservation and obviously made his own fun by bringing in pine cones and chewing on wood. Once, we caught him with half a frog in his mouth. He caught on quickly and soon had a basketful of toys and moved into the big bed. He is a very, very smart dog and in spite of the fact that he had been badly injured, is always incredibly happy and loving. He shows no ill effects from his broken legs, besides not being able to sit quite normally.

    He is full of energy and is quite the character. We love his happy-go-lucky and cocky attitude. He fits into our family perfectly and we love him dearly. We have recently adopted a sister for him so that he has a friend to play with. We even had Teddy DNA'd which was interesting. Teddy is ours forever and we can't thank you enough for the work you do in rescuing these deserving animals and giving them the chance they deserve.

  • Finnegan

    Finnegan.jpgI adopted Finnegan in November, and he's been a joy ever since. He has helped pull me through some tough times with his gentle nature, and has always been the world's most cuddly dog. I'm very grateful to have such a wonderful dog in my life. Because of Finnegan, I began fostering his brother, Connor. Rest assured that together, they leave no piece of recycling un-chewed! Thanks for the amazing dogs!

  • Delilah

    Delilah.jpgDelilah, a whirling a bundle of energy, came to us in December as a foster, housebroken but untrained: a work in progress. She is reported to be black lab/smooth collie cross but she could put a greyhound to shame in a race.

    Delilah immediately made friends with Buttons, our daughter's cat, and learned to stay out of Fairway's reach. She took Duke the ridgeback under her wing, herding him around by the collar, inside and out. In January, we were approached by someone interested in adopting her but we just couldn't do it. She had wormed her way into our hearts. Knowing the effort and patience that would be required to train her, she just had to stay. So she became our Della, buddy and tormenter of the long suffering Duke (who was also a rescue, saved from a puppy farm).

    We worked our way through puppy-garten, bribed with treats all the way, and now we are working on social skills. We live for the day when she grasps the concept of four on the floor and doesn't greet all visits with front paws outstretched. I am sure the neighbors will also be delighted when she finally learns that all comers do not have to be serenaded and warmly welcomed to the neighborhood.

    She has joined a pack for daily visits to the off-leash area; and what a pack it is! A roddy, a jack russell, a papillon, and a ridgeback: definitely a motley crew. She does well with the herd, running up and down the hills, burning off what appears to be endless energy… at least until some unsuspecting owner tosses a ball. Then the race is on. Della has not yet grasped the concept of "share the ball" or "bring it back".

    Having been a stray for at least part of the first year of her life, Della decided that any and all food is up for grabs. When she first came to us, she would gather up all the toys, bones and food scraps she could get and keep them between her paws. Her motto was I see it is "if I smell it and I can reach it, it's mine." But she has learned to share the bones and toys and we have adjusted with the people food. No food gets left on the counter, which is great for cleanup and there are never crumbs left lying around. The garbage bag never gets left available or a second will be required.

    All that being said, there is nothing like a bouncing bundle of energy who greets you first thing in the morning, the second you open your eyes. Without her unbridled passion for life and endless affection for all who enter our door, it would be strangely quiet in our house. She loves the world and everyone in it and she is a blessing in our lives.

  • Fergus

    Fergus.jpgFergus, Fergus, Fergus. What can I say? He's a survivor! Fergus came to us as a foster a year ago. At that time, he was just recovering from a severe case of mange and he looked like a scraggly pooch as his hair was growing back in. He immediately took to our dog, Bubbles, and learned to be a part of our family.

    It was amazing watching him learn to be a puppy again after missing so much fun time in his puppyhood due to illness. In December, we were notified of an adoption interest. By that point, knowing his medical history and the possible future needs, we just couldn't stand the thought of giving him up. Since then, he has had his ups and downs.

    This spring, Fergus contracted mange again. This time the mange has caused severe inflammation on three of his paws. There were days we had to carry him around becauset he was bleeding when he walked. He ended up in an extended stay with the vet.

    But you know what? Fergus always bounces back. As of now, he has beaten mange twice! How many dogs can say that? He has never ceased to be a happy dog, even though he has spent so much of his life being sick. Fergus greets day with such boundless energy that just shows the mange hasn't taken a toll on his spirits at all. Fergus hasn't been the fairytale dog that you dream of when you first get a dog. He has his good times and bad times, and we have had many sleepless nights with him. But every morning, when he stands by our bedside giving us a lick on the arm to let us know he's hungry, we don't regret adopting him one bit.

  • Sunshine

    Sunshine.jpgSunshine was rescued from Hobbema. Her mother was pregnant and had them at the clinic. I saw her on Global for the pet expo and rushed down to get her. She is very spoiled. She sleeps on our bed, our couch, and our pillows. She goes to Mutts Adored playschool in Stony Plain; they are amazing and have helped adopt out so many dogs through other organizations! She has a big 11-year old chocolate lab sister. She is very hyper, crazy, and loves to howl with the coyotes.

  • Boo

    Boo.jpgWe adopted Boo four years ago. She was one of many dogs rescued from a dog hoarder out at Buck Lake. She is irreplaceable. We love her to bits! She's a super doggy model!

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