• Shadow

    Shadow.jpgI just wanted to give you an update on our rescue Shadow (formerly Sasha). We adopted Shadow about six years ago and she instantly became part of the family. We had to work with her a bit as she was aggressive towards new people and especially towards new dogs. She would also "bury" food in the couches until she realized that she would be getting regular meals.

    She settled in after a few months and even gets along with strange dogs now. Shadow has been such a wonderful addition to our family, and she sings to us every day when we come home! Thanks hart, for allowing us to adopt Shadow. She means the world to us.

  • Charlie

    Charlie.jpgThis is Charlie (he is one of Susie's pups). Charlie gets together with his sister Gilly Bean for play dates. Susie was rescued and housed at a wonderful little location by Devon. Shortly after being rescued, she gave birth to the most amazing puppies.

  • Cooper

    Cooper.jpgHere is an update on Cooper (also known as Vince from the Motley Crew). I don't think I can ever thank hart enough for bringing Cooper into my family and my life. He's doing extremely well these days; he's a very social puppy with tons of "best friends" around the city, who he loves to play and run around with.

    He's become a very confident puppy: eating well and enjoying many daily walks, evening cuddles and being completely spoiled by his "Grandparents." He has even changed his "grammy" from being wary of dogs, into the biggest dog lover on the planet. Every time we visit there are new toys, leashes or treats courtesy of "Grammy." On his most recent vet visit he was pronounced "extremely healthy and happy" and had all the vets in the palm of his paw with his sweet demeanor and beautiful puppy eyes.

    Cooper and I are very excited to join friends and family in the hart Run for Rescues in August. We are team "Cooper's Troopers," and several of Cooper's best friends will be walking along with him!

  • Joe

    Joe.jpgWayne and Carol called asking if Laurel and I would foster a three-legged dog. They had rescued a collie cross named Joe with a badly broken hind leg that they were sure couldn't be saved. We took Echo, our one-year old border collie, over to meet Joe and the two dogs got along famously. Joe was even trying to play with his rear legs held together.

    Through the special efforts of Dr. Lloyd Abbey at General Veterinary Hospital, Joe's leg was saved. We started fostering Joe in late fall and knew right away that Joe had found his "furever" home. We adopted him in January 2007.

    Today Joe has become an integral part of our family pack. Joe has been a great companion and calming influence on Echo. He really loves his walks at off leash and around the neighborhood. And most of all he loves to be brushed.

    If you have room in your home and your heart, please foster or adopt a rescued animal from hart. It will add a wonderful new dimension to your life.

  • Kenzie

    Kenzie.jpgKenzie is definitely the smartest dog I've ever owned, and has all the energy in the world to back it up. We started in basic puppy obedience in January, and already she has jumped her way into basic agility. She's pretty much fearless at any of the obstacles we've put in front of her, and has recently found her new love for water, as she'll splash and jump in any water she can find (from a big lake to her water dish). She gets along with anyone, whether it be the dogs at agility class or at the dog park, or kids who we pass on our walks. We feel very lucky to have her and are very appreciative for all the work everyone at hart did to get her to us.

  • Bishop

    Bishop.jpgWe adopted our darling Bishop last August. He came to us a little fuzzy and minus a leg, and he warmed everyone's heart the moment they met him. He has grown up a lot since he last saw you. He is shaggy and has a sort of natural mohawk down his back. He is doing amazing. We changed his name from Digger to Bishop to go along with his brother Ripley (from the Aliens movie).

    Bishop has been a handful since the day he came to live with us: he is an attention seeker and always lets you know not to forget about him. He quickly became my baby and has remained as such. I can't go anywhere in my house without him by my side. He is quite tall and nothing but paws! He loves his big brother to bits - sometimes too much! He is excited and energetic and so loving. We are so grateful that we found him through hart. He has been a wonderful addition to our family.

  • Yogi

    Yogi.jpgHer rescuers knew from the start that she was going to have a Cinderella story, so she was named Cindy. The first order of business for this new rescue was to deal with her extremely matted coat and shaving her was the only way to offer relief from the mats that were causing hot spots and infections. When looking her worst Cindy was still able to charm the neighbors of her foster parents. They saw her beauty instantly and arranged to adopt her.

    She was renamed Yogi and now spends her time patrolling her yard with canine-sister Amy, and quite likes when the mailman brings them treats! Yogi's coat has grown back and she looks better than ever! You can tell by her expression how happy she is with her own fairy tale ending.


  • Jagger

    Jaggy.jpgJagger turned 3 on the 24th of July! He is such a good boy and our best friend. He still loves to walk, swim, camp, and cuddle! We just can't thank you enough for everything that you do for rescue animals! Your jobs are so important!

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