• Shiloh

    shiloh.jpgJust wanted to stop by your page and let you, and all interested know how very thankful I am for you. You gave me the most amazing first dog. She is the perfect dog for me. My first dog, and the first dog I ever trained. She has taught me so much. We've had her for almost two months over two years. I honestly could not have asked for a better dog. She's strong-willed and she quite enjoys testing my patience and her own limits, but she's also very sensitive, so I have to be careful about my patience and temper. I used to have the shortest patience and bad temper tantrums, but after getting Shiloh, I've learned to focus on the positive, control my emotions, and focus them into what I'm doing.

    I can read Shiloh's body language better than I thought humanly possible, meaning I can become better in tune with her. In the same way, that has taught me to read other people's and animals' body language. I have moments with her where I just have to stop and think about what I need to do to get her to listen, or even look at me.

    She is so smart that she can get a trick in four reps, a tough one at that. I taught her to jump into my arms in a fifteen minute session. She is just too amazing, I can't even think of a good enough word for how amazing she is, or for how much I thank you guys at hart for giving her to me. She and I have bonded so much even in the past few months, I can't wait to see what the future holds for her and I, and what she can teach me, and what I can teach her! The picture is from our first Alberta dog agility regionals this past year... Shiloh did better than I think I've ever seen her in competition, especially considering it was very hot for her, it was in a place she'd never been, we were staying in a hotel (which she's never done), and there were distractions everywhere. I just can't thank you enough. I never can!

  • Loki

    Loki.jpgThought you guys might like an update on Patches (aka Loki), He's about two and a half now, for the last 4 months he has had a buddy named Bauer. Bauer is a rescue from S.A.R.Rs they both get along great. Bauer lived feral for 4 out of his aproximate 5 years, so he is helping Loki learn more of dog etiquete, and Loki is helping Bauer learn calm household "pet" living. Loki is still a very happy go lucky guy, whose only "bad" behavior left is he still REALLY likes to meet other puppies so acts a bit rude, from a "pack" perspective.

  • Rory

    Rory.jpgI was lucky enough to have a new addition join our family in early November. Rory (formally know as Bronco) is the first dog that I have every owned and the joys have been more than I could have ever imagined. I would have never got a dog if I was single as I thought the responsibility on my own would be too much. I own a personal training studio and as you can imagine can be quite busy running my business. Shortly after adopting Rory my boyfriend (who I lived with) and I broke up. I never though after only a month of having this beautiful pup in my life that my 1st question would be "but what about Rory" not about what would happen in my future. I knew I would be okay but it broke my heart that it might not be as easy to find a place to live now owning a puppy. I was determined that I would find a place for Rory and I as not having him with me wasn't an option. Rory has brought more love and joy to my life than I thought was possible from a puppy! There are several times a day that I look at him and he absolutely breaks my heart with cuteness! He is beyond friendly and whether it be an adult, child or dog he loves everyone equally. I couldn't ask for a better puppy and he is the perfect addition to my life! Most days he comes to work with me and is my assistant trainer and door greeter! Thank you HART for providing me with Rory who lights up my life every day!

  • Oliver


    We got Oliver 5 years ago, we had been looking my children and I for a year or more, looking for the perfect dog to fit our life style and for the right personality. I saw Oliver on the web site and fell in love with him at first glance. We then had a meeting to see Oliver and it was final in our hearts. At that time another family had been visiting with him and was chosen to get him, I couldn't believe it, we were so upset and the tears were flowing. We new that he was so perfect for us and us for him. We made the decision to stop looking for a while and a few days later Hart called us back and asked if we were still interested, he was a fit for them. Well of course we were so overwhelmed and was with out saying a surprise and a definite YES!!!

    Oliver is the most amazing dog. He is so gentle, loving and the most laid back dog. He loves everyone and loves all other animals. He has been such a joy for us; we couldn't have chosen a better dog. Every one that meets him falls in love with him and all want him. The kids have taught him all the tricks and he is so happy to please, just so long as he gets a treat and most importantly hugs and kisses. We got a kitten a year later that needed rescuing and he took her right under his wing. Today they love each other so much and is amazing to see how she depends on him so much. He has patience of a saint. A cute and funny gesture I must tell you and amazes people is he loves to watch TV, when he sees other animals on TV he barks and runs over to us. It's is sure something to watch. He also loves his baths and going to what we call the puppy park, he knows the route very well and when we start to get close, he starts to whine. Melts your heart.

    Our family is so complete with him and could not imagine our lives without him. THANK YOU!  hart for allowing Oliver to come into our lives, and for the love that we all have to share with this amazing Dog. I have attached a few picture of how wonderful he is and how he has fit right in with our family.

  • Veto


    We love Veto because he's a wiggle-butt.  That's not the only reason, mind you, but it's a big part of it.  We also love him because he's absolutely ridiculous.  He likes to pick up a random object, like sunglasses or a cat dish, and walk around with it in his mouth, trying to get us to notice.  Once we do, his game is on.  Nothing is off limits--he'll even march around with a dustpan in his mouth.
    Veto has a paper towel fetish, too--he'll pluck a roll off the counter and happily sit and chew it.  He's happy making messes.  He also likes to bark at us at feeding time.  I'm not sure if he's telling us to hurry up, or what, but he merrily goose-steps around the kitchen making noise.  However, once he knows it's coming, he rushes to his designated spot and waits quietly for dinner.
    The main reason we love him, though, is that aside from being very cute and more than a little odd, he is a deeply loving, loyal and devoted little dog.  He's happiest when he's with us (especially when we give him a stuffed Kong), and frankly, I'm happiest when I'm with him.  And I know he's happy, because his whole butt wiggles.


  • Hughie

    Hughie.jpgHughie!! Is our new rescue pup, we nick name him fumbly-bumbly because he's so clumsy, falling around and still learning to use his feet, one of the reasons we love him is because every time he falls he just gets right back up and keeps going!!


  • Simba


    Hi my name is Brolin. I'm 11 years old. I have a hart dog named Simba. He is so sweet and he's like my old dog April who passed away this summer because he is cuddly, soft, obedient and an awesome dog. Simba is also very playful whenever I have a sock in my hand or on the floor I'll throw it for him and he'll either zoom to go get it. When I tell him to drop he'll drop the sock immediately. I love him so much and he loves me too. For example every night he will sleep at the foot of my bed and wait until the alarm goes off to give me all his kisses. Then I will cuddle with him for ten minutes and if anyone's asking that's why I am always late for school every morning. Ever since I got Simba he's changed my heart in many ways and that's why I love him so much and I will never stop loving him even after he has passed away.

  • Symbol


    I love Symbol because everyday she lets me know I am important to her whether it be for a walk or to give her dinner.  She gives me kisses good morning and good night. No matter how long I am gone she is always happy to welcome me back home. I love her for so many reasons but the main reason is because she loves me. 


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