• Maui


    Things have been going very well, her name is now Ellie and she is adjusting very well to our family. We love having a dog again! For the first few days after we adopted her she was quite submissive and quiet but she has become more of a dog now, she plays with us, barks, chews her toys and sleeps in her bed (she has even chewed some of our shoes). Her favorite things to do are to look out the front window, chew her antler and be petted. We call her Princess too because she is very spoiled and wants to be petted all of the time, if you stop petting her she puts her paw on you to remind you to keep petting her! We had one appointment with the behaviorist and he was very helpful in helping us to deal with Ellie's submissiveness. She still is shy when meeting new people but we just tell people that Ellie will come to you when she feels comfortable and she eventually does because she gets curious. We feel so fortunate that Ellie has become part of our family, thank you so much for rescuing her!


  • Boban

    boban.jpgWe are excited to report that we have grown so much with Boban over the last two years. Where first he was shy and quiet with us, and not at all naughty, we are now privileged to have experienced all sides of our sweet Bo. We've learned that apparently he likes burritos and oatmeal-and also that he loves us so much that sometimes he howls when he's left alone. We've learned that he likes to give a paw and give nose-kisses. We've learned that he wants little more in life than to chew sticks and have his belly rubbed, but also that he loves to run endlessly, especially in the snow. Lately he's found his voice, rrr-ing so very politely when he wants to be invited onto the bed. He has even made some excellent friends that he loves to play with, puppy-style, at the dog park. You would have no idea that he's in his retirement. And indeed he is, in a hard-earned retirement. So when the rest of the time (probably 90%) that Boban lies around sleeping, we're so content to see him peaceful-when he's not dreaming, that is. We love you, Bo!


  • Sheldon


    When we first became foster parents for Sheldon it was a little rough as he had Parvo and was really sick as you know.  But then he beat Parvo and we loved him so much we decided to adopt him!  He has fit in so well with his new family which includes my husband and I, 2 doggies siblings and our 5 month old girl!  So he is in a busy household and he loves it!  He loves going for off leash walks, deep snow and swimming as of this summer!


  • Nala


    Nala is doing really well. She initially had some socialization issues with other dogs (really high energy that could come across as aggression,) but she has now improved to the point that we can take her to off leash parks. She loves to go for runs with me, and after a few false starts she has now mastered running up and down the river valley stairs (I think the open bottom of the stairs scared her at first.) Her and Dan bike ride together in the summers, and we've even taken her mountain biking in Jasper a couple of times now. We tried camping with her this summer for the first time, and she loved it (so many squirrels) so we took her along with us for the rest of our summer camping trips. We absolutely love her cuddliness; she will hop on top of both at once of us on the couch looking for pats and scratches.


  • Lulu


    Don't let that laid-back demeanor fool you; Lulu-Belle is one cagey, little meatball stealer, she is also adept at stealing toast. Weighing all of five pounds, Lulu-Belle lets her mom know that she wants to go out in the middle of the night by sitting on her and wagging her tail until the thumping sound wakes her up! Hey- it works! Lulu-Belle isn't crazy about being left alone but has found that being left with meaty elk bones from the farmer's market helps ease that anxiety reaction a whole bunch, Lulu-Belle seems to have come around to think, "It's not that I won't "miss" you but where's my morning bone?". She is a bionic kisser who will kiss your face off. She is a perfect, wiggly, kissy, curly little girl!


  • Sarge


    Do you remember Sarge? Adopted July 2009 (rescued from Hobbema Dump). 100lb lap dog!


  • Zizi


    Viv (zizi) adopted feb 2010 having a cuddle with the new baby in the house! Making out like a bandit at Christmas, the best walk in the park after an awful cold spell and playing with her new puppy cousin (my brothers dog! This girl has one happy tail all the time!


  • Sapphire


    Zoey (aka sapphire) with her big brother Jett.


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