• Chelsea


    Here is Chelsea (Aryia) over the year! Adopted December 2012 we don't how we lived without her. She is sweet, smart and a total goof ball!.


  • Fletcher


    Hello from Fletcher. Since my adoption I have slowly begun to trust and believe that I am loved. I no longer duck my head in fear when a hand is extended towards me and I have even learned to lick my Daddy's face when he says "kisses!!!"


  • Georgia


    Thank you so much for a wonderful adoption experience and for our newest addition to the family! Georgia has settled in quite nicely with us, we just can't get enough of her cuddles!! It's easy to say she is getting quite spoiled with hugs from our son, they just can't get enough of each other, Oliver doesn't want to do anything without her.  She is quite the character, so she fits in perfectly with us. We have been working on her walking as much as possible and she is getting much better! I tried taking her out with our son in his stroller and it worked out great because she couldn't pull, so by the end of the walk she gave up trying and heeled beautifully all the way back home! I've attached a picture of her and Oliver watching a movie together, it is one of their favourite things to do together. Thank you again, we will send more updates in the future!

  • Kola


    Thanks, again for making things happen for us with Kola. Wanted to drop you a line to say how happy we are with Kola. He is doing well with potty training and socializes very well.

    Kola walks well on leash when reminded. We spend lots of time at the off leash park so he gets to run as much as he wants. He doesn't go far, always comes when called. He loves all the people (even if they don't like him, he still thinks they should like him) and all dogs even if they are not interested in him he still tries, once he isn't scared anymore, lol. Driving places with him is a little rough for him as he gets sick all the time. He just needs to get used to it. We take him anywhere he is aloud to go with us.

  • Alfie

    Alfie.jpgI just wanted to share an update with you about Alfie (formerly the mangiest of 3 siblings, Wynken). He is now nearly 9 months and has developed into quite the gentleman. He has such a sweet and funny disposition, and everyone who meets him instantly falls in love. I recently did a side-by-side comparison of his picture when he was first rescued to one from a couple of weeks ago. The transformation is amazing! Just thought you should know that he's doing well, and that we are so grateful for HART and the work that you do.

  • Bailey

    Bailey.jpgBailey (previously known as Simone) was found in a dump about a year and a half ago. She has come a long way from her scavenging past - although if her older brother Matt (also a HART dog), leaves his food sitting around for too long, Bailey gladly takes care of it for him. As soon as we saw Bailey for the first time, we knew she was a perfect addition to our family. Although she is smaller in size than her older brother, she definitely rules the roust! She loves to run, play, wrestle with Mattie, and eat socks - whenever she has the opportunity. We are so thankful to HART for giving both Bailey and Matt a second chance. We can't imagine our lives without these two. They bring so much laughter, joy and love to every moment.

  • Stevie Nicks


    I love my rescue dog for so many reasons.... one of them is that she gives the best snuggles <3


  • Ruby


    Today (September 25, 2014) marks the one year anniversary of Ruby being added to our family.  She has fit in so well, it feels like she has been here forever!  She immediately got along with her canine brother and feline brother, because she has such a loving personality that everyone (humans and animals alike) can't help but fall in love with her!

    Ruby has grown so much over the last year, when she first arrived at our house, she had very bad separation anxiety, and didn't like to be left alone.  It wasn't unusual for us to come home from work and find out that she had escaped from her kennel and had some adventures around the house, and she always happily greeted us at the door.  Now, Ruby doesn't mind her kennel, and as long as she knows her brothers are around, she's very content.

    We have also started training with Ruby, and we knew from the day we adopted her, that she was a very smart girl!  Now that she is in training lessons, she has proven it time and time again.  She is so smart, she can learn almost every command the first time she hears it, and she is just so eager to please. She finished at the top of her first class and it is our goal to do competitive obedience, because we know she will be a star.

    Ruby is so full of love and affection.  She loves to give kisses, and she loves to play with everyone -  people, dogs, cats, and children, she is the perfect family dog.  We are so happy to have her in our family, and we look forward to watching her grow.
    Thank you for saving Ruby and letting her join our family, we love her so much!
    Riley and Elizabeth


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