• Lulu


    Don't let that laid-back demeanor fool you; Lulu-Belle is one cagey, little meatball stealer, she is also adept at stealing toast. Weighing all of five pounds, Lulu-Belle lets her mom know that she wants to go out in the middle of the night by sitting on her and wagging her tail until the thumping sound wakes her up! Hey- it works! Lulu-Belle isn't crazy about being left alone but has found that being left with meaty elk bones from the farmer's market helps ease that anxiety reaction a whole bunch, Lulu-Belle seems to have come around to think, "It's not that I won't "miss" you but where's my morning bone?". She is a bionic kisser who will kiss your face off. She is a perfect, wiggly, kissy, curly little girl!


  • Sarge


    Do you remember Sarge? Adopted July 2009 (rescued from Hobbema Dump). 100lb lap dog!


  • Zizi


    Viv (zizi) adopted feb 2010 having a cuddle with the new baby in the house! Making out like a bandit at Christmas, the best walk in the park after an awful cold spell and playing with her new puppy cousin (my brothers dog! This girl has one happy tail all the time!


  • Sapphire


    Zoey (aka sapphire) with her big brother Jett.


  • Chex


    Chex (Almondine) adopted January 30th, 2013. We couldn't imagine our life without our little side kick!


  • Chelsea


    Here is Chelsea (Aryia) over the year! Adopted December 2012 we don't how we lived without her. She is sweet, smart and a total goof ball!.


  • Fletcher


    Hello from Fletcher. Since my adoption I have slowly begun to trust and believe that I am loved. I no longer duck my head in fear when a hand is extended towards me and I have even learned to lick my Daddy's face when he says "kisses!!!"


  • Georgia


    Thank you so much for a wonderful adoption experience and for our newest addition to the family! Georgia has settled in quite nicely with us, we just can't get enough of her cuddles!! It's easy to say she is getting quite spoiled with hugs from our son, they just can't get enough of each other, Oliver doesn't want to do anything without her.  She is quite the character, so she fits in perfectly with us. We have been working on her walking as much as possible and she is getting much better! I tried taking her out with our son in his stroller and it worked out great because she couldn't pull, so by the end of the walk she gave up trying and heeled beautifully all the way back home! I've attached a picture of her and Oliver watching a movie together, it is one of their favourite things to do together. Thank you again, we will send more updates in the future!

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