volunteer opportunities

Ready to volunteer with hart?

While we have listed many specific volunteer areas below, we are currently accepting volunteers for a limited number of volunteer roles. Please visit our volunteer application to apply today!

If you have skills you would like to offer to hart that are not described in a specific role below, please let us know!


Adoption Day Volunteer

At-least two times per month hart plans adoption events to showcase our adoptable dogs to the public. Adoption Days occur at Petsmart, Paradise Pets, Parks, hart events, and various other venues. hart is always looking for out-going volunteers to speak to the public about our adoptable dogs.

Educational Outreach Volunteer

Our commitment to educating the public on animal welfare and responsible pet ownership has lead us to the development of a curriculum of educational materials for all ages. We have presented this material for groups at local libraries and in partnership with community organizations such as YMCA and Uncles & Aunts at Large. Future opportunities will also include mentorships and curriculum development. We are looking for a volunteer leader to build this program.

Food Distribution Volunteer

Corporate partnerships allow for donated dog food to be picked up and distributed by volunteers to dogs that cannot yet be rescued due to lack of foster space. This involves transportation, physical labour and interaction with donors and/or field volunteers.

Foster Home Volunteer

hart does not have a permanent shelter; therefore, we can only rescue as many animals as we have "foster" homes for. We are always in desperate need of "foster parents" who would like to give a rescued dog a temporary home and basic training and socialization experience. Most of our animals have never been inside a home before and have not always been treated well. All food and medical attention is provided and the rewards are immeasurable. Foster home volunteers also assist in screening possible adopters. To be eligible as a foster home, any resident animals must be spayed or neutered and their immunizations must be up to date. A safe yard and lots of love and patience are also prerequisites.

Fundraising Volunteer

Creative and innovative individuals play an important role by raising funds for rescue initiatives, foster home resources, medical and behavioural rehabilitation necessities, and spay/neuter initiatives. Such efforts include independent events, merchandise sales, silent auctions, food drives, corporate sponsorships, bottle drives, retail liaising, bake sales, and so much more. hart is always looking to take part in unique fundraising opportunities.

Media Volunteer

Technologically savvy and artistic individuals are wanted to help create touching videos, foster home recruitment campaigns, social media content, and so much more.

Medical Care & Rehabilitation Volunteer

With the assistance of veterinary partners, animal health professionals and dog trainers within the city of Edmonton, hart is able to work with foster homes to rehabilitate rescued dogs to a healthy state. Home visits are also done to ensure vaccinations and medications are properly administered.

One-Off Task Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers to help with one-off activities that can be done from home. We currently need help creating hart promotion bags, adoptable dog profile cards, donation solicitation, merchandise sales, foster home recruitment, adoptable dog promotion, adoption packages, and so much more.

Rescue Volunteer

Our rescues often take place last minute and in rural or reserve areas of Alberta. We often rely on Field Volunteers to deliver or facilitate the rescue of dogs in their communities. Volunteers assist in rescue missions by helping with the rescue and transportation of dogs from the field to one of our veterinary partners, intake home or foster home. Without foster homes hart is unable to rescue dogs in need.

Special Event Volunteer

hart organizes many events that focus on fundraising, foster home promotion, adoptable dog promotion, or spay/neuter education. Event volunteers have the opportunity to represent hart to the public and be involved in the planning and implementation of the events. hart events include our Annual Anniversary PAWTY, Run for Rescues, Santa Paw Photos, Paw it Forward, BBQ's, Christmas Concerts, Barks at the Bar, and many more fun and exciting events.

SNIP (Spay & Neuter In Partnership) Volunteer

This population control project offers our target community residents a subsidized spay and neuter of $75 to encourage responsible pet ownership. At this time we are able to provide two SNIP procedures per month thanks to our veterinary partners. This involves transportation of dogs and interaction between dog owners, veterinary offices, and foster homes.

Target Community Outreach Volunteer

An essential factor to hart's success is relationships with residents of our target communities. We take pride in the connections made and facilitate their growth. Field volunteers from these communities help us identify dogs in need, assist in rescue operations and distribute food for dogs in need.

Transport Volunteers

There is a vast array of transport needs. We often require help transporting everything from dogs to food to recyclables.