Chantele Theroux

How many years or months have you been volunteering with hart? 
I started volunteering in December 2013.

What is your volunteer role within hart? 
I'm very 
fortunate to (mainly) be a writer for hart's website and social media platforms. Like most hart  volunteers, I'm also happy to help out when and wherever I can with anything that needs to be done.

Why do you volunteer with hart? 
I was first intrigued by the amazing 
paintings of hart's rescue dogs. I love art generally, but there was something so special and intimate about the pieces created by  volunteers and the rescue dogs. To me, each piece represents the beauty of  resiliency in life and the connection we have to each other and all other beings. It's such a  creative expression and celebration of why we rescue. I volunteer  because I know in some way, my contribution will make a difference for a deserving dog to have a real chance at enjoying life.

What do you do when you are not volunteering? 
When I'm not writing with hart, , I'm a creative writer and editor, teach and practice yoga, and spend time with friends and family, including my three dogs. 

If you were a rescue dog, what kind would you be? 
I'd be the elusive escape artist who needs to be rescued, but loves her freedom. 

Tell us about an experience you had while volunteering with hart that made you realize you were making a difference. 
I adopted my first and only foster dog Henry (pictured here with me) in early 2014. He was one of the most anxious, cautious, and shy dogs I'd ever met. About 5 months after I adopted him, he played with a stick for the first time for 
about 20 seconds. I bawled in happiness. He inspires most everyone he meets because despite missing a leg, he's genuinely happy and grateful for his life. This is the power of the kind of connection I mentioned before. 

What advice would you give someone who is considering volunteering? 
Never underestimate the power of what you're able to provide and what your  contribution will mean . Big and small, it all comes  together for  our cause.