Erin Sobon

How long have you been volunteering with hart?
Just about 3 months (November 2012)

What is your volunteer role within hart?
I participate in some events like Barks at the Bar & Pet Expo, I am also an Adoption Screener, a Foster Screener, Adoption Day Coordinator, photographer and do pretty much whatever hart has asked of me really!

What do you do when you are not volunteering?
I like to spend time with my own dogs, family and friends.  I also enjoy crocheting and knitting, if and when I get spare time.  (Mostly creating blankies for harts new fosters). Professionally, I am the Business Manager for the Transportation Department for one of the local school boards. I am also taking a university certificate in accounting related to and for my job so that is a huge time commitment added to a full time job.

If you were a rescue dog, what kind would you be?
I would be a smaller dog whose trust and loyalty must be earned, but once earned, I would be your best friend til the end.  

Why do you volunteer with hart?
I volunteer with hart because I love dogs.  I love all animals, but my heart has been with dogs for as long as I can remember.  I currently have a very busy life professionally and scholastically but decided that in order to maintain my sanity that I needed to make room in my life for things that fulfill me.  I have found volunteering with hart to be very rewarding and it only gets better the more that I become involved.  The people I have gotten to know and work with are also amazing.

What made you realize you were making a difference?
My biggest moments thus far have been when I screen a family, recommend a dog because of what they are looking for and my research and then the dog finds its furever home.  Such a good feeling to know that these poor creatures who have had hard knocks thus far will now have the loving home they so deserve. Makes it all worth while.  And with any luck, it opens up a foster home so that we can make that happen for another dog in need. 

What advice would you give someone who is considering volunteering?
I would say go for it. Yes, there are going to be hard times, I have heard and read the stories, but it's important to remember that saving even just one dog is considered a success.  Seeing the dogs before coming to hart and then after is heart warming, the changes that we can make in a dogs lives are immeasurable. It is also a great group of people all working towards that same goal and seeing everyone's hard work and tears pay off makes all the hard work worth while at the end of the day.