Jennifer Tempest

How long have you been volunteering with hart?
I started volunteering in February of 2013, so only about 7months so far.

What is your volunteer role within hart?
My main role is putting up kijiji ads for all the dogs as soon as they become available for adoption. With this I also create foster home request ads to put up on kijiji. Furthermore I was the Logistics Coordinator for the Sneakers and Strays event that was just held at the beginning of this month and I try to help out with adoption day type events when I can. 

What do you do when you are not volunteering?
I am currently studying Anthropology at Grant MacEwan University, but still manage to fill my time with other activities. There are a couple of other places I volunteer throughout the year as well as I enjoy being active, with zumba or swimming being my choice activities. Otherwise I enjoy dog sitting for others when I get the opportunity, reading, and spending time with my friends and family.

If you were a rescue dog, what kind would you be?
I would be one of those dogs that is eager to jump in the back of a HART rescue vehicle because I would know I was being taken to a safe place. I would be a young, curious, but trusting dog that just wants to play and cuddle.

Why do you volunteer with hart?
Part of the reason is that I do not have my own dog at the moment, so volunteering with HART means that I get to see and interact with a large variety dogs. Furthermore I like that there are many different volunteer opportunities available that allow me to help in a variety of ways. I also thoroughly enjoy watching the dogs change from the time they are rescued to the time they are adopted. It is a very rewarding experience and I am glad HART can help so many dogs find loving homes.

What experience in hart made you realize you were making a difference?
With doing the kijiji ads for HART I have a large amount of dog pictures now on my computer sorted into files and I always love when I get the news that someone has been adopted and I can move them to my 'Been Adopted' file. Even just looking at that file alone I can see how many dogs have been adopted just since I have started helping. After the first couple weeks of doing the ads I was told that there had been a number of both adoption applications as well as foster home applications just because of kijiji and it defiantly encouraged me to keep it up so that we could get even more applications. I also had the opportunity to see Quincy, Cholly, Presley, and Miss Magoo when they were first rescued and then see them and their updated pictures when they were ready for adoption/adopted. It was very rewarding to see the change in them all, especially Miss Magoo all because of the hard work that HART does and the love that they and the foster parents give to the dogs.   

What advice would you give someone who is considering volunteering?
Don't be scared of trying to volunteer because you think you may not have enough time to help. Any amount is helpful to HART and there is such a variety of opportunities that it is always possible to find one that can work with your schedule. Also, every task you do will be helping the well fare of the dogs already rescued as well as the dogs that will be rescued in the future so don't think anything you do is insignificant! Everything helps and the dogs will love you for it.