Tammy Tokar

How long have you been volunteering with hart?
I have been volunteering since November 2012

What is your volunteer role within hart?
I started as a Foster Home Vetter, screening potential homes, about 7 months later i took on the role of Foster Screening Team Lead. I am also the Donation Coordinator for St. Albert. This role involves soliciting for silent auction items, collecting donated food and other gently used items for distribution. I love to attend events and help out where needed. Recently I have had the honour of assisting at a couple of intakes . Like everything I do for hart this was very rewarding.

What do you do when you are not volunteering?
I am a mom to three amazing young adults and one adorable dog named Charlie! I work part time with the City of St. Albert. When I am not parenting, working or volunteering I like to spend my time hanging out with my hubby, doing yoga, gardening , reading and spending time with friends.

If you were a rescue dog, what kind would you be?
I would be a brave and protective momma dog! I would be so grateful to hart for taking in me and my babies. I would care for my babies and be happy for each and everyone of them as they find their furever homes.

Why do you volunteer with hart?
It all started 8 yrs ago when we adopted Charlie (Susie's pup). We really appreciated all the care and attention given to finding Charlie the best home. Charlie has given us so much that it only made sense to give back.

What experience in hart made you realize you were making a difference?
I have experienced so many amazing moments and have met so many wonderful people. But one experience that stands is my first attendance at an intake. It was there that I met Presley, Cholly , Quincy and Mrs Magoo. I had never seen such sad rescue me eyes! I couldn't stay as long as I wanted to because I had a home visit to attend. I remember driving and having to pull over because I was filled with such emotion. The eyes were haunting me but in a good way because I was so happy for all of them - they were safe - without rescue they didn't stand a chance. I went to the home visit and I felt I was a better vetter because of this emotional experience. The home I visited that evening was approved and this became Presley's home.

What advice would you give someone who is considering volunteering?
Volunteer with all your heart, always follow through, be passionate, open and honest. Remember that even a small commitment can have a lasting effect.